By Anonymous - 25/08/2009 21:14 - United States

Today, I tried to surprise my parents on their first day back from New York with candles I made. I used actual lavender flecks from our garden for the scent in the candles. My plan worked until the lavender caught on fire which then spread to all of our mail and newspapers. Welcome home. FML
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And that's why you use lavender *oil* for the scent...

Newspapers make lousy candleholders.


As long as the house didn't burn!! haha!

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LOL who makes candles as a present just like make something like a cake.

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Newspapers make lousy candleholders.

And that's why you use lavender *oil* for the scent...

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ouch. FYL

Oh Oregon. Real lavender. Gardens.

bummer FYL but u gotta b careful!

Sorry, but YDI. Plant fodder + flame = bigger fire.

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awww that sucks. But hey I don't think you are going in trouble after all you was trying to do something nice for them :]