By Not-so-sexy - 04/12/2009 12:48 - United States

Today, I tried to send my boyfriend a sexy picture. I took a close up picture of my face, and, trying to be sexy, had my naked body reflected on a mirror in the background. First thing he says: "Who the hell is that guy in the background?" FML
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I want to see the pic before I say FYL or YDI

That's when you call him up, fake fear, and say "I think there's someone in the house with me..."


bubblybrooke 12


ydi for being a whore

it's probs her shadow fatass

kendybendy 6

Maybe it was just a poster of some guy on her wall

I say, how crude of a body she must have. Poor guy. Oh. And poor OP. FYL

you has one hairy ass

Mx_Rider 6

ydi for having a hairy ass and back

I want to see the pic before I say FYL or YDI

Agreed...not because she's make sure boyfriend isn't a noon and can't recognize his gf naked body...which one do you believe lol...

We're gonna need to see the pic to determine if there is actually a guy.

perdix 29

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sorry but youre coming off as a bit of a dick

RubieTuesdayT 0

u just tried way to hard to be funny

yeah that was just really mean

haha,lol YDI for being hairy, but i would still f*** U!

African_diva 0

awwws sorry

so who was he?

chrisinator13 5

yeah who was the guy?