By little_star78 - 13/11/2013 11:08 - United States - Bloomfield Hills

Today, I tried to put the little girl I babysit in timeout for lying to me. I was about to sit her down when she made a mad dash for the basement stairs, slipped on the wood floor, and fell down them. She told her parents and everyone at the ER that I had thrown her down the stairs. FML
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Vegeto30294 19

Hopefully the parents know you have even a slightly better behavior than that and realize their child is lying.

Seems like the little girl stepped up her lying game.


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Read the FML before posting a comment & understand what it says -_-"

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_sempiternus 11

Children are vicious..

euphoricness 28

Uhm yeah, 23, you have to give some sort of discipline, otherwise the children will continue to do what they want because they will not see why what they are doing is wrong. And lying is wrong - not that none of us have never done it! Hehehe

The kid is the monster. I swear to God like who does that....

So you don't think that there is anything wrong with her falsely accusing someone of what amounts to a felony? -_-'

SrakaSrakasta 20

@43 Little *****. Contrary to popular belief, children can be ***** too. Where do you think all the grown-up ***** come from? Do you think they suddenly become like that when they grow up?

jazzy_123 20

shouldn't punish them every time? That is why this child is the way she is; because of lack of discipline.

#48 - Exactly. Empathy is what makes us good and adults (mostly) know that. Kids have none yet so they're pretty evil

Children: 1 Adults: 0

@51 kids normally starts developing empathy around the age of 4-5. Something sounds very wrong with this child. Perhaps she's spoiled rotten and therefore can't handle being told no.

8313girl 28

Hell yeah they are! That's why I've never bothered to babysit anyone's kids. No BeBe's kids for me. Hope y'all remember that reference.

Sorry that nobody has a sense of humor

Guys calm down Im pretty sure it was just a joke

savysnugglebear 10

#23, you should not ever become a parent. Then they will become "monsters" after you let them lie and who knows what else -_-

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Please read the FML again, then try to determine where you went wrong in your reasoning.

#45 I think MrManManMan was trying to make a joke.

Key word: trying

Key word: down vote me more

I didnt go wrong in my reasoning. It was sarcasm. I felt like I needed more people to tell me how wrong I was on the Internet so I made an attempt at being up voted and because of my lack of commenting experience I was down voted.

Yes. Because we all train to have good comments

Thanks for telling us thumbs matter

#73 It it hard to show sarcasm through text.

Today I learned that nobody on FML besides me and you have a sense of humor

Vegeto30294 19

Hopefully the parents know you have even a slightly better behavior than that and realize their child is lying.

The sad thing is the parents probably believed the little shit. Their child is God's gift to the world and can do no wrong.

This is why OP needs to follow up immediately!

BubbleGrunge 18

I've been watching the same little girl for over four years now, as her nanny. She's a liar (she gets it from her mother) and I can't tell you how many times I've had to defend myself against some lie the kid comes up with. It never amounts to anything, but annoyance on my part and an eye roll from the mother, but it is disheartening having your reputation almost slandered from some little brat. And I say brat with the utmost of love.

little_star78 13

The parents know their kid has been going through a lying phase…I don't have a job anymore and had to go give a statement…not really sure what's going to happen

frizz101 22

80 if you watch her all the time I think you can film it or somehow record her, if you have evidence it can really change a mothers tune

#85 - I really hope everything works out for you. This kid sounds like a Veruca Salt wannabe.

If they knew she had a habit of lying, you shouldn't have been left on your own with her. You don't need an especially vivid imagination to figure out the kind of trouble a child who can't be trusted at all could cause, especially when her young age means that getting solid evidence is near impossible. Dealing with that kind of behaviour is her parents' job - not the babysitter's. And making you the scapegoat achieves nothing - even if they didn't give a damn about your wellbeing and reputation, they should at least want to know that they can trust their own daughter to tell them if she's in real danger. "It's just a phase" is no excuse - her school / nursery / kindergarten certainly won't thank the parents for sending them a child who is likely to cost staff members their jobs because she's figured out that getting the grown-ups into trouble means that she gets her own way. And who's to say that she doesn't get her own parents into trouble with the authorities the next time she does something stupid and hurts herself?

What a little shit! I hope everything works out for you.

Damn, that's a smart kid.

Hence the term 'Evil genius'?

If evil = smart, wouldn't by your standard of definition the term 'evil genius' cancel each other out?

alphatoomega 21

No, it would just be redundant.

Until she's in jail. Fucking hate kids.

Seems like the little girl stepped up her lying game.

Rainhawk94 27

More like she stepped down.....the stairs

noonenoeone 22

Now it's time for op to do the same! If op gets out of the situation and is allowed to babysit again, just lie to the parents so the little brat is permanently grounded till she's 18.

She upped the anti. Now the ball is in your court.

And hopefully not actually in court...

Good comment love it

Kids say the darnedest things

asmari 10

Time to find another kid to babysit

perdix 29

So, is she going to get yet another time-out for lying again?

I think that it she doesn't learn now, she'll be taking a very long time out in a prison one day.

I dunno why 66 got thumbed down, I did **** up and say it instead of if. XD

This one started early. We must contain her before she goes out and infects her preschool!!