By Zack - 11/03/2009 18:57 - Israel

Today, I tried to prove to my dad that he snores by secretly putting a tape recorder under his bed. I soon found out my parents had sex that night. Apparently, my mom likes to talk dirty. FML
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ayumi_fml 0 you listened to the whole tape??

Herbal_fml 0

Oh dear me. You didn't see this happening?


Herbal_fml 0

Oh dear me. You didn't see this happening?

yeah u gotta grow up and accept it we all have needs :)

I would go the whole 9 yards and FAP to that recording. wooo

seriously GROW UP that's one of the reasons they got married soo no one can tell them not to have sex

FYL Op! Yes, you do have to know that your parents can have sex. But it is still disturbing and disgusting to know its happening.One time i caught my dad looking at Jessica Alba's ass on his laptop, sure i gotta know that parents are humans but i still feel like i'm scarred for life lol. Is it normal for dad's to look at celebrity's ass? lol


Quite ;P

i would have puked right then and there

ayumi_fml 0 you listened to the whole tape??

hotscar 3

idk why the op deserved that.

You're sick, go find a doctor.

You're an idiot

Why would you ever put a tape recorder in your parents room??? leave it to your mom to tell him/ prove to him that he snores

EWWWW!!!!!! THATS BAD! OH MY GOD! EW! .... *shiver*

#3, its like a car accident... u dont wanna look but u have to lol.... OP, its sex, everyone does it... i used to hear my parents on occasion when i lived at home.. just pretend it didnt happen and go on w/ ur life

Pff! So what? Grow the fuck up.

adelaide_evening 0

This may come as a shock, but sometimes older people have sex too. You had to know there was the possibility you wouldn't have only caught him snoring.

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Well, now his snoring won't be the only thing keeping you awake...