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Is OP going to the dentist... at 2:30(tooth hurty)? Ahaahah-nah that was lame here comes the thumb downs :(

Seems like a pretty simple explanation. Took you 2 sentences.


...and you thought that would end well?

No, OP is obviously depressed and chipped their tooth on purpose. *sarcasm*

why didn't op try with his foot instead? that's what I do when I'm carrying too much shit... and I don't end up with chipped teeth.

I like how your username is "dumb" because I'm glad you acknowledge that! :)

Seems like a pretty simple explanation. Took you 2 sentences.

Put something down and then open?? Just saying. Sorry about the tooth, though.

Or even albow, knee, feet.. Head? No? Op, you're an idiot.. -.- suck you chipped your tooth tho.. But did you really think it was going to end well?

Just tell him Prince Albert chipped it and hope he doesn't have access to Urban Dictionary.

Lmfao! Rude, Doc! :)

So you slobed on a knob?

Be toothful when you tell the dentist what happened.

Yeah, I'd I were you, there would be no way that I would tell the dentist how that actually happened :P I mean, you could just as easily have bitten on something hard or something...

He's going to be so turned on that you can fit your mouth over a big knob, that he'll fix your chip for free to make it safe for you to show him your talent.

lmao. ydi. atleast its only chipped though.