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Today, I tried to email my Dad a picture of someone we knew that I'd found on the Internet. He called me later to inform me that I had actually sent him a picture of myself in a naughty school girl outfit that I'd taken for my husband. My mom was laughing her ass off. FML
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you should "accidently" send it to me as well

That's why I always double check my emails before I send them...


Haha! Oh well...

looks like you'll be in detention for awhile. 

Hidan_fml 0

Double check next ******* time.

Me_iz_a_Bboy 0

I would have rubbed my **** all over the computer screen.

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ydi for using confusing filenames.

MCRUsedTheFate 0

you get an F for FAILING!

I_R_Genius 3

So OP, do you have a French maid outfit or a cop outfit as well that we don't know about? Or better yet, a nurses outfit?

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pics or it didn't happen

xxst3althshotxx 1

I haven't heard that one a million times

geekemo92 0

Seriously? If you are going to be a troll, at least be original.

Macromartyr 3

which one's trolling?

fiveonefiveoh 0

whos trolling? pics or it didn't happen!!

you should "accidently" send it to me as well

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hahaha 31 you're gf is a Ginger!

gingers have souls!

No, no they don't...

That's why I always double check my emails before I send them...

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You mean to say you have some naughty pics? send them my way!

Send 'em to me too!

69 the number says it all.

at least it was only one picture

At least you were wearing something. A schoolgirl outfit is only moderately awkward.

And at least it was for her husband. Would be more awkward if she were a teenager or something...

DakotaCat 4

I'm a mouse, duh!

randomchickkk 0

hahahahaha!! why are you dressed so scary? it's Halloween.

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so your dad saw it before your husband? lol

sarabraun8 7

haha lovely