By rojin12 - 30/08/2011 06:30 - United States

Today, I tried to close my desk drawer by hitting it with my hip, like they do in the movies. Everything on my desk fell off. FML
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movie things never happen in real life

Hips don't lie.


movie things never happen in real life

Well. You fucked up.

time to lose some weight fatty!


Thank you Captain Obvious.

That's why they call it, "in the movies."

I always close things with my hip...

Slow night at FML? Lolz.

I once saved the world in 24 hours, discovered transforming robots, had super powers, and saved a bunch of blue alien looking people. Then I woke up.

Hey, walking and talking to others is in the movise! I can do that too!

1: You're a man whore: Your argument is invalid.

Why did #20 get thumbed down? He just was thanking #1... whose name happens to be Captain Obvious... That said... I see what you did there, #20.

Hmpf people who thumbed 20 down obviously failed to notice it was 1's name...

Obviously... Lol.

Ydi for having a fat ass

I'll never get on an elevator with an ass like yours.

I don't think that desk is very stable...

Or the OP has big hips. 0_o

Big what! Feel proud!

I like big butts and I cannot lie. You other FMLers can't deny!

Sounds like it's just a pretty cheap desk..

Don't try this at home

I tried it without thinking... The drawer fell off :(

How hard did you hit it then? Must've hurt your hip..

Uhm, don't hit it so hard next time? That or your desk really isn't built very sturdy.

Think some one might be a fat ass

Game WWF - FunkySpaceMonkey-

Think someone may have a boney ass. A fat ass would absorb some of the energy being passed to the table.

You fell for it.

Try walking away from an explosion. I've seen that work in a movie. haha

wow some people can be really rude, I hope that you feel better about yourself after putting someone else down.

Am I the only one missing how that was rude..?

No some people just aren't that smart

It was a joke. Even Stevie Wonder saw that!!

Cool guys don't look at explosions :D

Hey, crazy lord, you're ugly *jizzes pants* Ahhh, yes, it does make me feel better

Everything? Either your ass is massive or you took a run up :-/

...Just pick everything up again and next time don't hit the desk so hard. I'm not sure I see a problem here.

Cinn's back, everybody!

Hips don't lie.

And I'm on tonight You know my hips don't lie and I'm starting to feel it's right The attracting, the tension The way I move it is perfection- *knocks everything off desk* Not again!!

*adds on Shuckira's shrieking sound for maximum effect*