By anonymous - 21/03/2011 19:01 - United States

Today, I tried to clock in at work, only to have the clock tell me I "wasn't scheduled", so I asked my boss what was going on. Turns out I was fired, and this was her way of avoiding conflict. FML
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Your boss is a bitch.

That's lame. She shouldn't be a boss if she doesn't have the balls to fire someone.


tell her to make u a sandwich

it's the answer to everything

mendozaale 0

yupp even the answer to pi = 3.1416727481649make26me2a1sandwich26375825384684639264873738109473 :)

my mom makes me sandwiches, but considering the fact that I'm a dog, I can't make them on my own...

what kind of sandwiches does she make you :3?

Secret recipe. bitch.

fucking LOL!!!!!!! Loved the bitch part at the end. you sir, are a winner

Tulsafml can also be a bitch too, considering we don't know whether Tulsafml is a male or female dog

We do know that whatever it is, their privates won't be as hairy as chewbacca's...

JetLifeNextLife 0

55 made me create an account

I'm a male dog. But that makes me a son of a bitch.

lmao freakin win 55

sucks to be you :(

no it must suck to be "ugliness"

persianjr1 7

lol. this is an almost win.

KiddNYC1O 20

At least they're not a trick! =P

Jvr91 8

atleast he doesnt have an asshole boss anymore

at least their not a Kidd. what's wrong with kids? you.

C6Racer 0

Haha, good to have you back 74.

do I get anything?

dirtyblond 4

a waffle perhaps!(>'-')>#

hey trick, thanks for pointing out the obvious kthxbai

Your boss is a bitch.

well obviously u gave her a reason to fire u :P

That really sucks. Well I guess you now have some more free time :)

free time to investigate why the computer was saying you "weren't scheduled"

I'm not sure that's necessary...

get back at her you don't have anything to lose

dirtyblond 4

nice pic, nice pic!

over the next couple weeks, leave several anonymous complaints about the managers customer service.

That's lame. She shouldn't be a boss if she doesn't have the balls to fire someone.

They fired you, but didn't have the balls to tell you about it? Wow.

avoiding conflict, more like creating conflict

persianjr1 7

true. either grow a pair or leave.

nah the boss avoided conflict, but gave birth to a seemingly common FML. =/

she lcked ballz lacked brasocraarvkpcehmgerg

avoid conflict, create lawsuit.... sure that works!