By whatjusthappened - 21/07/2014 15:58 - United States - Norman

Today, I tried to break up with my boyfriend, because he's too manipulative. By the time our chat ended, instead of being single, I'm somehow now committed to going on vacation with him and his family. FML
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Dude, how does that even happen? I understand its hard to breakup with someone but if hes manipulative you have to get a backbone and just do it.

Did he manipulate you into being his girlfriend too?


Dude, how does that even happen? I understand its hard to breakup with someone but if hes manipulative you have to get a backbone and just do it.

Did he offer the vacation instead of a break up?

OP, I have no clue how or why you took that decision, but I wish you a good vacation and a safe flight!

The whole point of this is that he's so manipulative that he was able to manipulate her into a vacation instead of a break up. My brother is the same way. he can get any one to do anything with a few well placed words. He can even manipulate my parents.

Or she's a push over.

I understand he is manipulative, but this is still her fault as she has allowed him to manipulate her. Time to put your foot down OP, talk to him face to face and do not leave until he understands you are broken up. He will always come up with reasons why you should stay together, but it doesn't mean you should be. Don't let him control you or the conversation.

66 has never met a sly, manipulative person. Or someone she knows is pretty fucking good at it

My mom's mom is super manipulative and she can talk just about anyone into doing something they'd never do before they even realize it. Some people are just that good at manipulation. It's seriously frightening.

Did he manipulate you into being his girlfriend too?

Based on this predicament, it is highly likely that he did..

Probably.. OP needs to end it before it's too late - some people get too comfortable being manipulated and go the rest of their lives at the mercy of others.

Maybe he's such a good manipulator that he manipulated OP into being his boyfriend...with OP being a heterosexual male.

You do know what heterosexual means, don't you? Plus, I don't believe it was specified whether OP was male or female or what his/her sexual orientation was.

That's a valid question

It was a joke. He is SO manipulative he was able to make a straight man date him. It probably could have been executed better.

Thank you #104, someone smart got the joke.

Don't worry, manipulative people don't go far in life.

Sure they do, they're called CEOs and politicians.

I'm pretty sure most successful business men worked their way up the ladder through lots of manipulation. Hard work is of essence too. But many successful people are very manipulative.

My apologies, didn't think about what I was writing.

Aaaaand lawyers. Let's not forget lawyers.

But how many of them end up truly happy? They've only ever bent others to their wills all their lives and sometimes they don't know how NOT to impose their desires on others. This can make relationships very unfullfilling for anyone involved with manipulative people and can ultimately make for maybe some success at reaching a few personal goals, but too frequently at the expense of a reduced quality of life for everyone else. In other words, these manipulative people are like poison. There is something extremely unsuccessful about an entire life of using other people. I'm sorry, but manipulation absolutely peeves me.

In the long run, manipulative people poison themselves more than anyone else.

Funny but scary at the same time

hey it's okay. just try to stand your ground and expect him to try to change your mind. Don't let him and You'll get there :)

he could be a psychopath

That's not exactly what a psychopath is..

Well a lot of sociopaths are actually very manipulative. As are psychopaths, just look at people like Hitler. He was nuts but he was manipulative.

A lot of abusive relationships start out as manipulative ones too. Not saying OP is in an abusive relationship but most abusers are manipulative people.

yeah he's more than likely a sociopath.

he's a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research! sorry I had to.

A master of persuasion

You should break up via texts. I bet he's not so persuading in writing!

if he's good with words chances are he can write good withwords to.

Yeah but you can step back, reply in your own time, read over your message before you send...hell, you could even get someone else to do it for you if you really thought you'd cave.

You can still break up with him, now or when you get back.