By Ouch - United States - Costa Mesa
Today, I tried to beat my dad to the car. I jumped over the steel cables in the parking structure and hit my head on a metal pipe, then bounced off the wires, and onto my back on the pavement. Good thing we were already at the hospital to visit my sick mother. FML
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  wallandpiece  |  16

I think being electrocuted would have just added insult to injury. Unless the reason is "I'm a serial killer and I enjoy cutting girls up", please explain how being electrocuted could possibly make anything better.

  AudioBoss  |  12

No, wasn't that bad. I got a swollen ankle, scratched arm, black eye, sore back/pelvis, and head trauma(Should NOT have gone to sleep last night, whoops). I laughed my ass off on the way home, and so did my dad. The steel cables bent like a foot and a half or so I'm told, I passed out, so all I remember is the sound of my head hitting the pipe and waking up on the floor.