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He's a defensive childish dick. Im sure you can do better.

your bf is an idiot. your boobs are perfect.


ooooh burn... ditch him

i agree... break up with tht son of a bitch

Burn indeed.... but don't ditch him. He sounds awesome

She should ditch him for reciprocating an insult? If he has a low sex drive, it's not like it's because he wants to have a low sex drive. Saying she wished her boyfriend had a bigger sex drive is no less insulting than him saying he wished she had bigger boobs. Maybe if she'd used a bit more tact, he wouldn't have lashed out in response.

perfect comeback: I wish your dick was bigger! ^.^

But if u said I wish you had a bigger sex drive he might have taken it the wrong way, and thought you ment a bigger dick... honestly, if you hadn't put what you were thinking in your post, I would have thought u were talking about his dick

maybe he thought his sex drive was his penis and you wish it was bigger. thus he responded accordingly.

hahaha you can always upgrade! Then dump him!


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so dump her. haha.

do I hear Breast Implants? :O

ha my girls are just perfect

playa? or do you have boobs :o

There are multiple meanings to your comment.

he meant girl's

I'm guessing he meant his girlfriend's boobs hahah.

see look in the end it was your fault

Seems fair.

this might be a tad obvious but if you did have bigger boobs his sex drive would probably be bigger.

This is not how a sex drive works. Nice try though...

your guy is a witty one lol. I say it's a fair argument ;p

to make it unfair she should of said "maybe I'd get bigger ones if you had a bigger dick" haha

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no your clearly the dushe with those retarded nijas how old r u 4

Says the person who can't use proper grammar...

How does not using proper grammar make him a douche?