By mairelys - Canada
  Today, I tried talking to my boyfriend about our sex life. I was trying to express that I feel like we don't do it enough, but he wasn't very responsive. I ended up saying, "I wish you had a bigger sex drive" to which he answered, "I wish you had bigger boobs." FML
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  sarahbau  |  0

She should ditch him for reciprocating an insult? If he has a low sex drive, it's not like it's because he wants to have a low sex drive. Saying she wished her boyfriend had a bigger sex drive is no less insulting than him saying he wished she had bigger boobs. Maybe if she'd used a bit more tact, he wouldn't have lashed out in response.

  Jose403  |  0

But if u said I wish you had a bigger sex drive he might have taken it the wrong way, and thought you ment a bigger dick... honestly, if you hadn't put what you were thinking in your post, I would have thought u were talking about his dick