By twinkie2 - 21/01/2011 08:35 - United States

Today, I treated myself to a cheeseburger. I left it on my coffee table while I grabbed a napkin from the kitchen. While I was gone my dog ate it. Then puked it up all over my carpet. Which I then had to clean up. FML
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Never leave a cheeseburger unguarded-_-!

The dog was obviously saving you from a stomach virus. Why do you think he puked after?


Never leave a cheeseburger unguarded-_-!

holy Crap her name is twinkie... she should probably not be too mad at the dog... its not like he ate the twinkie..

Especially with a dog in the house...

I have a cat, and even though she doesn't usually eat what we don't specifically give her, I still never leave food out that I don't want her to eat. It's just common sense! YDI, OP.

At least he didn't puke on the coffee table.

That's what you think! Btw awesome hair :D

it would probably be easier to clean up though on a table instead of the carpet.

parapapapa I'm barfing it :D

Who treats themselves to a cheeseburger? Treating yourself would be more along the lines of a desert.

Is that where you make yourself a sand-wich?

If she's on a diet right now, a cheeseburger would be a treat.

Zeb, I can't decide if that was subtly clever or cleverly subtle.

YDI for eating a cheeseburger and owning a dog.

But she expressly stated she did NOT eat a cheeseburger!

The dog was obviously saving you from a stomach virus. Why do you think he puked after?

So he pureed it for you? Now you don't have to chew! What's the problem?

My gag reflex kicked in a little on that.

I agree, a PITA bread sandwich would have been much healthier.

Exactly, PETA = people eating tasty animals. She should have eaten the dog in pure rage

Yeah well, you can't expect the dog to clean it.

Dog owner fail on all parts.

Eh, y'know you can buy another one for only a dollar. They really aren't that expensive.