By ribbonsundone - 06/01/2010 10:07 - United States

Today, I treated my friends to lunch at a posh restaurant because it's my birthday. While we were walking leisurely around the mall afterwards, their boyfriends showed up. I spent the next few hours walking alone behind them while they were walking hand in hand with their boyfriends. FML
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guckylynn 19

I don't get why YOU would treat your friends to something on your birthday. Usually it's the friend that treats you...

It's kind of weird that their boyfriends ALL decided to show up at once...


guckylynn 19

I don't get why YOU would treat your friends to something on your birthday. Usually it's the friend that treats you...

I usually take a couple friends out for my birthday. It's not that strange.

Yeah I was just thinking the same... and if they were ignoring you that way, you should have just left them. I mean, it would have felt better to shop alone than to be walking behind them, watching them hold hands with their boyfriends.

kahyia 0

@32 yea but do you treat (i.e. pay) for them? ive never heard of a bunch of friends going out and birthday person TREATING (i.e. PAYING) for the meal usually (at least with everyone i know) the group of friends treat the birthday person or at the least everybody splits the bill evenly but NEVER the birthday person treating other people no offense and im sorry to say but: you either got some crappy friends or your a loser who has pretty much pay people just to eat a meal with you either way i empathize for you

Reyo 2

This may sound a little sexist and no doubtedly spark the wrath of the feminazi coalition, but that wouldn't have happened were you and your friends guys and it happened with girlfriends. Anytime that happens introductions are made, the girls are asked if they can handle Laserquest or Paintball, and then Laserquest/Paintball.

As it so happens, #67, neither of those conclusions are correct. How is taking others out for a meal on your birthday any different than funding your own birthday party--or any party for that matter? I'd just rather spend what I'd otherwise spend on a noisy, potentially impersonal party on a few close friends.

TapeMan_3000 0

they must not be very close friends if they DITCH YOU!

ditto ur friends should treat you.... FYL for having crappy firends YDI for putting up for their crap

newsgit 0

jeez, you people can find a YDI in everything.

Yep. I'm also going with YDI. I'd rather spend my birthday alone than spend my own money just to have company. Maybe you should get a dog.

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poor you ur friends are so mean

It's kind of weird that their boyfriends ALL decided to show up at once...

Yeah, you got that too... These are lousy friends. I can see not picking up the bill, but they should have shown appreciation by treating the OP well. I hope she doesn't see them anymore.

I say it! I actually enjoy utilising the decent and legitimate words in my vocabulary.

Well you spelled utilizing wrong so well said.

Yes, because OBVIOUSLY American English is the only language that exists. Psh. Who doesn't know that?

Gesq1 0

A "posh" restaurant in a mall? Fail.

A mall near me has a Maggiano's, Fish Bowl, & Cheesecake Factory. They're pretty expensive, actually.

Just because it is overpriced doesn't mean it's posh. Those are all crappy chains esp cheesecake factory.

She didn't specify that the restaurant was in the mall, just that they walked around a mall. Idiot.

I just moved to Denver and the mall near me, cherry creek, is full of expensive stores like Burberry and Neiman Marcus. Needless to say, the restaurants are also very expensive like Kona Grill and Elway's. Actually whenever celebrities are here, that's where you'll find them.

lilbit91011 6

I agree. "Posh" at the freaking mall? Really?

Rabbity 0

Teenagers these days. They get sad about everything.

get yourself a boyfriend, that should do it

Flutist 3

Hey asshole, grow up. Just because someone might not be attractive to your high, glorious standards does not mean that she deserved to be ignored on her birthday. There might be a reason she is single, such as an asshole (like you) cheating on her, dumping her or they might have just not gotten along. And if she has been single for a while there are reasons for this. Just because her friends are jerks (get some new friends Op) enough to invite their boyfriends to their girl time, does not mean she is ugly or deserves it.