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Today, I toured an art museum. Our tour guide had an obvious lisp, so I tried my best not to laugh. When she asked me a question about a sculpture, I accidentally replied, "Yeth ma'am." She ended the tour right there. FML
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Well, that's what happens when you laugh at people with problems. Are you 10?

catkat1988 17

And the FML here is that you didn't get to go on the museum tour? You sound like a 6-year-old who didn't get dessert because you misbehaved. Honestly. How is lisping even that amusing in the first place? And even if it is, try to control yourself and be just a little more sensitive to people with problems. She face up to her minor disability every morning because she has the competencies to do the guided tours, and you ridicule her for it. Fuck HER life, not yours.


zacharytk72 5

lol :)

What is funny about this post? OP is an ASSHOLE!

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Wow, OP! That is awful! Why would you do that? She was probably already self conscious, and you made it worse. Grow up.

ikr! God some people can be tots assholes

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well she did say "accidentally"..

OP: You're mean. I hope you're real proud of yourself. 1: You're an idiot for thinking it's funny. What a couple of losers you people are!

I really don't think it's that big of a deal... the OP probably felt like an asshole... but if it was by accident, just apologize and move on. It's not like she laughed in a terminal cancer patient's face or anything...

101: You can say that because you aren't the poor girl with the lisp. Unless you have an obvious and embarrassing defect, you cannot possibly understand how the tour guide feels. So good fo

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idk how could u accidently do that... OP should have known better it's kind of his own fault...

Sorry two were wrong here the girl with liph why would she take this job and why the f*** would u make fun of her u immature dip s***

(con't) So good for you 101. Must be nice to be you.

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156: You are rude and no better than anyone else you stuck up, ignorant b****

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How the fuck do you "accidentally" pronounce a word with a lisp when you yourself don't have a speech impediment?? You fucktard.

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Hahaha fucking whiney ass people, that's hilarious.

ohthebloodygore 16

I have a lisp and don't find this offensive. My job involves me speaking and giving directions to operate certain computers and I've had tons of people copy and/or mention my lisp. Lisps are quite common now. To all the people saying the person should not have taken this job because he/she has a lisp... that's quite rude. He/she is still understandable and can choose any job they desire. People shouldn't make fun of lisps nor deny people who do have them the right to a certain job, but people with lisps shouldn't get so wankered up about idiots making fun of them.

190 i totally agree with you!

Tbh if she's soooo easily offended bitch should get vocal coaching to correct the problem ;)

doctor_itsmylife 3

i am tho thorry about it

and that's one way to get out of a boring art museum tour...

I like how we're mad about people being rude and at the same time calling the b****es.

If the tour guide hadn't heard OP speak untill then OP could of pretended they had a lisp for the rest of the tour to not offend the tour guide..

why would the tour guide ask the OP a question? shouldn't it be the other way around?

Zambaku 9

OP isn't an asshole. You see, some people have thoughts. They can't just block out thoughts either. She thought it was a little funny sounding and said it on ACCIDENT, she didn't try to say it like that though :l

I have a really slight lisp and people demand I say words like seance, smosh and science. I'm used to it now but it still hurts for people to make fun of it. I've even had teachers ask me to :( but I know what op means when they say accidentally because when people make fun me to I start talking in a heavier lisp same goes for when lisps are mentioned. op I feel your pain

SomeRussianGirl 3

Ok #65 I love your pic lmfao Who said that to you

samadams42 0

i am so ashamed of myself... for not being there lol

same, it sounds pretty hilarious.

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what's so hilarious about OP making fun of someone? OP, ydi.

rockyraccoon28 8

wow. apparently no one can read. OP didn't do it on purpose.

Apparently neither can you. The OP said "so i tried my best not to laugh". That makes it quite clear the that the OP found it funny. How is a lisp funny? Or rather, how is a lisp funny to anyone over the age of 12. Maybe the OP is 12, in that case, forgiven.

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Lisps are funny as hell. Just like retards and cripples. You losers need to find a sense of humour for God's sake.

218 so are jackasses who think they're so superior making others feel like crap about themselves. If that was sarcasm, then ignore this.

haha i so agree man

ShroomsOnAcid 16

203 It's not like she found it funny on purpose. Sometimes you can't help what makes you laugh. OP was trying not to laugh, so she did realize it would not be appropriate to do so. As for what she said at the end, she didn't mean to. It was a slip. Obviously she's not proud of it if she put it on FML.

265 So you dont think your superior to someone who cant put on pants?

Well, that's what happens when you laugh at people with problems. Are you 10?

TheDrop 0

OP deserves it for being immature

haven't you ever laughed at something you shouldn't have

tktom7 6

I laughed while reading this during a test in math

wow. Honestly you're just an asshole

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Um, well no effence but you shouldn't laugh at something other people can't control. also what does OP mean and what does YDI mean? Can someone tell me all the abreeviations on this sight...?

The_Moustache 6

Today, I was taking this sweet art tour, but some asshole had to make fun of the guide, so the guide ended the tour. FML.

The_Moustache 6

Today, I was taking this sweet art tour, when some asshole made fun of the guides lisp, the guide then ended the tour. FML.

you guys are assholes! she said it by accident! OP people make mistakes!

So is spell check

84 - I lol'd at both your post and picture. 115 - No offense, but you need to work on your effencpelling. Don't freak out at OP guys, it was just a Freudian thwip...

38- do you feel sexy standing like that?

bigbro409 0

thank you!

haha 186- I was wondering the same thing! hahaha!


125 she shouldn't be laughing at other people in the first place. I stutter, and believe me, it hurts when people laugh at you.

nollid7 5

Some times you can't help but make a joke. I had a speech impediment for years, but I worked hard and can now speak Spanish, French and English. You can't give that tour guide a pity party for having a lisp. ;)

OP - original poster YDI - you deserve it

You should work on your insensitivity problems. YDI

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I also agree, I don't see why a lisp would be so humorous...

qcumberlovar 2

so true. grow up!

d'awww @ ur dp

Not really insensitive. If I listen to accents for periods of time I slip into them when I speak. Don't mean to it just happens.

Privations_fml 3

LOL ouch...

epic pic

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Same ;)

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Did you at leasht give the nishe lady a tip?

lisp are when you pronounce every "s" like a "th". example: yeth ma'am . Or thorry . i know because I used to have a lisp .

ktrose 0

Wrong.^. It occurs with other letters. Not only "S".

It can also be a "sh" sound, I knew a girl who did that.

either way, op should feel very thorry xD

Sean Connery does an "sh" sound..

if it's an sh sound then it's not a lisp, just an articulation problem

FMLandurstoo 9

I know someone that has a "sh" lisp and when I commented on this fml it wasn't edited to say the "th" in it so I didn't know which one it was

@ #44 Lisp can refer to any distortion of "s" - making a "th", a "slushy" /s/ from air escaping over the sides of the tongue, or (like sean connery does) a distortion caused by the tongue touching too far back on the palate.

How cool that you are all speech therapists and know all the rules as to what constitutes a lisp. I'm so impressed. Too bad you can't agree. I would imagine there are many different lisps. No two people are exactly alike so I doubt there is one clear definition. Besides, all speech impediments are articulation problems. derrrr...

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your intelligence is too much!^^

Well, if you want to get technical, speech therapists generally don't use the term "lisp" since it's not specific enough to accurately describe someone's error because people can interpret the term differently (as seen in the different comments above). Plus, what's wrong with having a debate about the subject? Isn't that part of the point of comments?

@124 that's called lateralization, not a lisp. wikipedia must have lied to you I'm in grad school to be a speech language pathologist thanks

@157 actually next year I will be a speech pathologist, just need to finish my clinical year

loooool omfg I lagged at fg reference above hahah.

@214 I was actually going from memory from an admittedly brief discussion on the term in an undergraduate class (I am also currently in grad school for speech language pathology), and it might just depend on who you talk to. I will concede the fact that perhaps today's convention is to use "lisp" to refer to only the interdental/s/, but it's a old term and it seems it was acceptable to use it to describe both the lateral and interdental forms. Here's a non-wiki source with the term in the title: Silverman, E. (1976). Listeners' Impression of Speaker with Lateral Lisps. Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders, 547-552. It's from the 70s so the general consensus for the meaning of "lisp" has perhaps shifted, but it originally did refer to both (you can find other sources from the same time frame referring to both lateral and interdental/frontal lisps). It's just not a term the field uses as an official term anymore though, as I think we can both agree that when describing someone who is replacing /s/ with "th" we would call it "dentalizing" or an interdental /s/, not a lisp. And yes, I agree with you that the correct official term is, in fact, "lateralization" for the sh-like or slushy /s/.

that's horrible. if I were her I would have ended the tour too. or kicked you out.

noelykins1 19

I agree I have a lisp irl and I hardly ever notice it so to be rude and do that I would of slapped that op and end the tour then kick that person out

kcrnpl 0

I agree that it was rude and immature. however, OP said it was an accident, hopefully this is true and they truly feel sorry for what they did. also, has anyone thought maybe it was a little strange that someone with an obvious speech impediment would choose a job that involves public speaking? the tour guide should have chosen a job more suited to her talents that didn't involve public speaking. that way incidences like this one wouldn't occur. ( FYI I'm not saying people with disabilities/ impediments shouldn't work, I'm saying they should be wiser about it and choose employment that shows their strengths and not short comings. which I realize is difficult in this economy) sorry for the grammatical/spelling errors.

Charlotte2012_fml 0

I agree with you a hundred percent. Some people can't help it, so why point out flaws?

YDI because making fun of people with speech impediments shows your obvious lack of class.

PackieG 0

YDI. Some people have serious issues due to taunting like that.

YDI you did that on perpose only a person with intentions can do a lisp accsent

*Purpose *Accent