By SolaceInRage - 20/3/2013 23:53 - United States - Wilmette
Today, I tossed half a sausage to a dog sitting beside a park bench. It wasn't until he lunged for it and dragged the man beside him off of the bench that I realized it was a seeing eye dog. FML
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  DanielleinDC  |  32

Probably, but then we all are.

And not all blind people wear sunglasses. I've met a number of blind people in my life, and none of them wore sunglasses regularly.

And that dog clearly was poorly trained, as he should not have lunged for the food.

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Thank you, #2. I dated a guy who had a dog for the guy being deaf and mute. The dog always wore a bright orange vest that held his license as a dog for a person who is disabled (as well as a large "disabled" written across the entire vest on the back) , everywhere we took him. Most people knew not to pet him or give him attention. I always felt badly when a young kid would come running up to the dog and wanted to pet him. I'd have to explain to the kid that he was a special kind of dog that couldn't be touched by anyone but the owner. Half of the parents would apologize for their kids, the other half would give me the look of death.

  AndOtherDrugs  |  5

Some of the most disciplined dogs make mistakes sometimes and often need reminding of their training. They're still going to obey some of their natural instincts, which I personally think is healthy for the animals' well-being. Even so, we can't assume the owner trained his dog properly and the dog was just being unruly. I've seen service dogs walk their owners repeatedly into doors, bushes, and bicycles while the owners do nothing about it.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@51 I didn't think the owners trained the dog, but that they were trained by some reputable organization.
I'm not sure that the owners would necessarily know what to do if the dog "forgot" their training


I worked at a bakery and a seeing-eye dog once pulled a whole row of croissants off of the rack I was wheeling out. I felt bad for the dog because I exclaimed "hey!" and then had to explain to the owner what happened, who then proceeded to hit the dog :(

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Thank you, #56. I really wanted to say, "Have your parent explain why helping dogs can't be petted," but I never did. Now I get pity stares for the lines hanging out of my chest plate. I just call the magic tubes if a kid asks me what they are. I mention this because parents should explain to their children what is okay to do, ask, or say to a stranger.


Even still, you should NEVER feed a fucking dog that isn't yours. Especially since dogs are just like humans in the fact that they can have diet restrictions and allergies.

  Ameel_fml  |  19

This x100. My dog has to be on a very strict diet for health reasons, and I hate taking her for walks because my house in near some diners so the customers sometimes throw food to her.

People should ask before feeding random dogs. It's rude, and in some cases, dangerous for the dog. :(

  Sputnikspak  |  13

My dog has a nasty wheat allergy, if he so much as eats a macaroni noodle he chews half the fur off of his paws from itching.

Guess whose neighbours like to leave bread out for the squirrels...

  tencentsakiss  |  19

I wish I could "thumbs up" this comment a thousand times. I don't think there's any mistaking a seeing eye dog for a stray, and you should never even consider giving a strange dog food without their owner's permission!

  Mossears133  |  15

I couldn't agree more! Many spices are very bad for dogs, and sausage is just FULL of weird human spices! Not to mention the whole "obviously-a-seeing-eye-dog-can-you-not-see-the-vest" thing

  Fsvb  |  32

Maybe the dog didn't have a vest because maybe it wasn't a certified help dog. Because if it was trained properly, it would not take the food from a stranger.

By  EpicSquishii  |  21

It's not your fault that the dog was improperly trained. Yes, you should always ask before giving treats to another person's animal, but the dog should have been trained never to run off distractedly.