By digressions - Canada
Today, I tore a muscle in my back. At the hospital, I was prescribed some pain medication. My husband got me settled at home, with everything I needed within reach, and left for work. As I picked up the bottle to take the first pill, I knocked it on the floor. It rolled under the couch. FML
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  graham11  |  14

71- all you have to do is stick the umbrella under the couch, press the button on the handle to rapidly expand the umbrella, and watch as the umbrella snaps and breaks into small pieces, poking holes in the couch.

  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

Or it might make op kill herself

By  Snafuusmc  |  12

Sorry to hear. If only you had those long poles that had a lever on it and could snatch stuff! Well when I hurt my ankle I had a shark one it was cool. But sorry OP to hear that.