By Anonymous - / Sunday 5 September 2010 05:22 / United States
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"Today, I took some friends out to the woods to show them a natural spring. I explained to them that the water bubbles up from under ground, and that it's clean and tasty. I bent down and drank a few hefty handfuls only to look up and see a dead raccoon floating near me. FML" YDI.

  sourgirl101  |  22

22 at 26 I agree. I really don't care for it myself. Everything is hidden and there is way too much clicking. I'm sure it takes some getting uses to. I'm just not liking it so far.

  loski87  |  4

21 I love it!! I like how they group the replies so there aren't hella pages of comments. now if i want to skip the attention whores that reply to #1 just to be seen I can!

  counterfit  |  10

I guess this is a bad time to mention that Poland Spring is filtered to remove naturally-occuring benzene.

Oh, and never drink water directly from an uncontrolled source. Just hope you don't end up with dysntery.

  aeroliontvw  |  4

lionandthelamb61, that was probably a sulfer spring. they smell like rotten eggs so I'd guess they may taste like them also. a regular spring shouldn't taste like that.

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