By Hailey - 13/02/2011 01:36 - United States

Today, I took sexy pictures for my boyfriend. I am at my Aunt's house. I uploaded the pictures and after successfully posting them in a message I deleted them. I accidentally deleted the whole photo library. Now she is taking the computer to Apple tomorrow to recover the "lost" photos. FML
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Do that on a private computer! Never ever on a shared computer!

YDI for doing that on a computer used by anyone besides just you. you know there is always a chance of someone else seeing the pics when you do that. or really when you do it at all.


that's what I was thinking. You know the techs are going to post them online

Macs are stupid like OP

ask if ur aunt wants to bang u then she wont care wen she sees them

spill water on it so it isn't under warrant and they won't fix it

Do that on a private computer! Never ever on a shared computer!

better yet a phone

Or don't be stupid enough to do it at all. He's probably showed all his friends by now, and if not, he certainly will if they break up.

If you use a phone, delete right after sending. I lost my last phone in a hospital, thank God I'd already cleaned out the photos!

Sorry to be the one to tell you this...Those photos you 'deleted' from your phone...They're still there. "Permanently Deleted" turning into "Recovered Data" is only a matter of time, will and money for the proper equipment and/or software.

#97 not necessarily. Deleting from a phone? Yes, unless it's an android and you know what you're doing. Deleting from a computer.... Data is stored as sets of 1s and 0s, bits. Normally in 8bit binary (e.g. 00101101) depending on the data type. A picture is a set of pixels. Each 8bit, 16bit, or 32bit (depending on the way the photo was saved) strand tells the computer where a pixel goes and what color it should be, and so on, to make up the whole photo, this is why higher quality photos take up more space. There's a big difference in telling 1 million pixels where to go and what to be (1MP) and 32 million of them or more. Once the strands are generated they're written to a hard disk or flash drive (flash memory is what's used in phones) when you "delete" a photo or other file you're telling the computer, or phone, that it can use the bits that are taken up by the one file for something else. Normally, the file is still there until the bits actually get used, even though it doesn't display, cause the software knows you don't want it anymore. Permanent deletion is possible, and easily done on a computer, more complicated on a phone, by specialized software that rewrites the bit values on deletion to all zeros, instead of just marking them as no longer needed and leaving them in place. But yes, just hitting delete and thinking its gone for good is naive at best.

haha smart :D wonder what's going to happen when the pictures are brought back... :P

No, really? cuz I was wondering what was going to happen 3 years later!

and BOOM hypocrisy sets in

hey guys lets all do the same damn thing!!

63- exactly. Idiots lol

My god, how could anyone be so stupid? There are so many things wrong with this. YDI.

mate...she's not actually gonna read your comment and go,'yeah that's what ill do!' it's an FML not a tech help desk!

True, for all we know this happened like two weeks ago.

YDI for doing that on a computer used by anyone besides just you. you know there is always a chance of someone else seeing the pics when you do that. or really when you do it at all.

Waiting for the "Macs suck" comments... (Original Poster says the aunt's taking the computer to Apple, so it's a Mac) By the way I have a Mac and I love it.

That's cool, they're still horribly overpriced.

I just grew up as a windows user, so I love windows and will always be one. =P

Macs suck ++

Agree with everyone above except 13. Macs suck.

Currently using Linux :o

I'm running Linux within Windows 7, which is running alongside OS X. Just because I can.

I can't afford a Mac, therefore, they suck. Currently using linux too, but not by choice.

i like em' now waiting for the hate to come my way

Macs are great computers, everyone dislikes them cause the producers put an appropriate price on a very good computer.

cout<<"Mac sucks"<<endl; <<"Linux is the way to go"<<endl; if (Linux>Mac) { cout<<"murder Mac users" }

Hey buddy, in your attempt to be clever, you forgot something. 1. You have to have include iostream. 2. You have to end each line with a ; 3. Namespace std; int main() etc. etc.

I agree. windows are crap.

I have a mac and they're not too bad, although I see why people are saying they are annoying. I generally use my mac to do school work (we got our MacBooks from school) and they work quite well for that but if you're into gaming the mac isn't the best option.

YDI for using a Apple. PS don't you in Amreeca have phones capable of sending e-mails?

Ugh. America = whole continents. Jesus Christ not all US citizens are dumbass's

31- that's true. some americans know that the correct plural form of "dumbass" would be "dumbasses."