By pledonasm - India - Thane
Today, I took my son to the playground and watched him have fun. Minutes later, I was being shoved around and called a pedophile because I was there alone with no wife. By the time I convinced them I was innocent, my son was bawling. FML
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  KitchKraft  |  21

That's really true but you need to think, what if he really was a pedophile? If people had minded their own business then that child could have been in danger. Maybe it was okay for them to wonder but they were just very inappropriate about it.


Am I the only one wondering if this was Pleonasm? and because of the pedophilia remarks and actions of others he used his cunning wit and went with "pledonasm" as the username? You go Pleo! No longer commenting but instead shining through with FMLs.

I'll feel like an ass if I'm wrong. FYL and possibly FML

  Senorangelo  |  10

I don't understand how long can it take to convince someone that you're not just watching kids. "my kid is there" is more than enough and it takes less than 2 seconds. If the assholes don't believe, ask them to call the police then sue then for harrasing you.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

The worst part about this FML is that it says "them," meaning more than one guy was shoving him around. That just makes this fml sound more painful. Makes me cringe.

By  Ilikepie82479  |  20

There is a much better way of handling that than just pushing someone around... At least ask the kid if he's okay before you go pushing people around

  lovepoohbear  |  19

#4 meant that the people shoving the OP should ask the kid if he knew the OP before just assuming OP was a pedophile. Then they would've known that the OP was the boys father and not just some random dude at the park watching kids.

  guiltnazan  |  23

Yeah, I'm terrified to go into my field. I'm graduating this semester as a social worker, and I want to specialize in children, because I've always loved kids and have a natural talent for understanding them and calming them down. But I know that there will be people who will throw accusations my way for being a male working with kids. Good to you man

By  cutycat136  |  28

They say girls can be treated unfairly, but in all reality guys can't do some things without being judged and treated unfairly either. I'm sorry OP. People need to learn to get all the facts before acting on things they just assume.

  DoomedGemini  |  37

Both men and women have to deal with inequality. Women had the most do they were and are still focused on, but there are people who are trying to fight for equality on both sides.