By Anonymous - 19/10/2014 04:11 - United States

Today, I took my printer to work because the one in my office is broken. When I tried to leave, my boss stopped me and accused me of stealing it from the office. Nobody would believe me when I explained. Now my boss has a new printer. FML
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If you don't care about losing your job, I'd report him for theft

You should've at least told him you were bringing you own printer in.


If you don't care about losing your job, I'd report him for theft

Sue him, take his job, buy his house and car, bang his wife and let him rot in misery. :)

Calm down satan

That escalated quickly...

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Time to go all Office Space on that old printer...

You should've at least told him you were bringing you own printer in.

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So you and your work have the exact same looking printer? And on another note, couldn't you have just shown that the broken "work" printer is still there?

Do you have a receipt to prove it's yours? Show it to your boss, and if he still tries to keep it, go above his head and/or report him for theft.

Dude, you live in the USA.... show the receipt of your printer purchase and then sue your boss!!!

Who keeps the receipt for everything?

#20 People who are careful with their finances and want to keep track of their money, and people who are careful with the product's guarantee...

Receipt does not mean THAT printer is yours. You could have one at home, and still claim another one. Just saying.

@32 sometimes receipts have serial numbers

#20 My mother. She has every receipt for appliances, furniture etc dating back 30 years. Nobody ever manages to screw her over.

Businesses do. The company should have receipts for all business expenses. If the boss wants to claim the company bought it, he should be able to produce a receipt.

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Kill him

I like where your mind is at.

Murder over a printer.. Seems logical

People have murdered for a lot less, 11.

I kill you for Klondike bar.

I think a Klondike bar is much more reasonable.. I mean who doesn't like Klondike bars..

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With your two best friends and help from Motherfucker Jones, you boss seems like a horrible boss

Killing seems reasonable.

I can't stop laughing at this comment!

When you have printed all the documents, then you have my permission to leave.

YDI. You should have just told the boss and let him but a new one.

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I'm not exactly sure how OP deserves it, but I don't entirely understand your comment either. I would say though, whereas OP should've told his/her boss, I would imagine the boss could see an obvious difference between printers. Plus I'd imagine the boss saw OP bring in the printer

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There was a small mistake upon your side. Informing your boss about the issue of the printer and bringing the printer is your MAIN priority. However, FYL for losing that printer.

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shouldn't have brought your on printer in. make the company get one that works

Well, OP still has a printer (albeit not at home) but now he doesn't have to pay for paper or ink!

Doesn't your work have security cameras they can check?

Those are "broken" too.

exactly the reason you let the boss handle things that need to be replaced.