By Anonymous - United States
Today, I took my printer to work because the one in my office is broken. When I tried to leave, my boss stopped me and accused me of stealing it from the office. Nobody would believe me when I explained. Now my boss has a new printer. FML
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  mif_fml  |  27

So you and your work have the exact same looking printer? And on another note, couldn't you have just shown that the broken "work" printer is still there?

  tj4234  |  35

#20 People who are careful with their finances and want to keep track of their money, and people who are careful with the product's guarantee...

  sirpantselot  |  22

Businesses do. The company should have receipts for all business expenses. If the boss wants to claim the company bought it, he should be able to produce a receipt.

  Ltsdragons  |  19

I'm not exactly sure how OP deserves it, but I don't entirely understand your comment either. I would say though, whereas OP should've told his/her boss, I would imagine the boss could see an obvious difference between printers. Plus I'd imagine the boss saw OP bring in the printer

By  pwnman  |  33

There was a small mistake upon your side. Informing your boss about the issue of the printer and bringing the printer is your MAIN priority. However, FYL for losing that printer.