By Rjlup - 11/06/2013 14:00 - United States - Denver

Today, I took my pet rabbit to the vet because I had noticed his genitals looked swollen compared to my other rabbit's. It turns out he's just "gifted". The vet laughed at me. FML
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You have to admit, it is kinda funny.

crackmore278 13

It's a fucking rabbit


You have to admit, it is kinda funny.

OP - spend less time examining your bunny's junk in future and more time on...anything else.

Funny, but a little unprofessional of the vet - surely better that somebody cares enough to get them checked out, better that way than if there was something wrong and they were left in pain. OP, you're a good, caring owner, that's the important part!

It is funny and if it was just a short laugh then I'm sure you can understand where the vet is coming from. If they were making fun of you or something then that's unprofessional. But good on you OP, many rabbit owners don't even give a thought to bring their bunnies to the vet.

Sounds like "urine" a little bit of an embarrassing moment.

that has nothing to do with the FML

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Sure it does! Everyone knows the pee comes from the guys ball sack. That's just common knowledge. Haha.

The FML is they took the rabbit to the vet, and paid for it, for nothing.

Thanks, 32. I never would've gotten that without your help.

michaelm1290 23

25 - For whatever it's worth, urine never goes near the "ballsack." It's produced in the kidney, sent via the ureters to the urinary bladder, where it is then emptied into the urethra, and then able to exit the body

I can tell you with 100% certainty that 25 was being sarcastic.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Thank you, 46. I didn't think people would take that seriously. Lol.

Shocked someone did take it seriously. Some people need to learn sarcasm, particularly when its blatantly obvious :s

I'm sure he knew he was being sarcastic. Maybe he just wanted to let you dumb fucks learn a thing or two.

mangoboy1 19

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crackmore278 13

It's a fucking rabbit

#6: Indeed it is...

mangoboy1 19

Lol sorry wasn't thinking.

Well, they did say the rabbit was gifted.

hugozac88 22


When i read 6's comment i laughed pretty good because it's exactly what i was thinking

Hahaha! "gifted"

A rabbit hung like a horse, who woulda thought.

I never thought it possible to be jealous of a rabbit.

perdix 29

#5, I guess you've never watched Bugs Bunny. I'd think many people envy that wascally wabbit!

I have seen Bugs Bunny. I even started walking around with a carrot in my mouth, asking "what's up, Doc?" Unfortunately, DocBastard found my constant queries to him rather annoying, so he blackmailed/threatened me into stopping. I even had to get rid of my fluffy bunny tail. :(

He is well en-doe-d, I'd say. A pretty bunny situation, if not a little un-hared of.

RpiesSPIES 27

I see what you did hare.

Two Bucks says no one else will.

I also saw. Now pay up.

Here they are, now be careful, they hump anything that moves.

As did i, i mean it's not like you hyphenated the puns or anything...

Except for the fact that I wasn't being serious when I said that no one else will, I was just using it as a way to put in another pun...

kriz_allizwell 6

You're rabbit of a funny guy.

#80 You mean "You-rabbit of a funny guy."

They say pets and their owners look alike...spend the most time with him.

GuessWhatKids 13

This is not an FML, your rabbit has saint-seducing gold.

That rabbit is going to be all over dem bitches, with his unbelievable swag. If you've got it, own it ;)

You're pretty but please don't ruin that with the use of the word "swag" not attractive.

I don't use those words it was meant to be sarcastic and a joke, but guess my humour doesn't project well :) but thank you anyway

#26 Says the one doing the duck face. That's just as ridiculous.

#31 meh it happens, I know my jokes take too long to explain.

Yeah cause I'm totally trying to look "cute" with that messed up duck face, as my nephew hilariously does it himself. You're right, ridiculous!