By my boyfriend is a slut - 03/11/2017 04:00

Today, I took my new boyfriend to my step-sister's wedding. He knew more people there than I did, including 3 bridesmaids he used to sleep with. FML
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Did he cheat on you? No? Then you need to calm down. He had a life before you, you don't need to try to shame him for it.

So it was a happy reunion for him! ;-)


So it was a happy reunion for him! ;-)

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Let's not slutshame my peeps

Did he cheat on you? No? Then you need to calm down. He had a life before you, you don't need to try to shame him for it.

Where is she shaming him? It's just a weird and uncomfortable situation.

Check the username. "my boyfriend is a slut".

Where her name is "my boyfriend is a slut"

She called him a slut in her username. That's pretty shamey

The only person that needs to calm down is you, Skippy. You skipped to way too many conclusions based on such few words. Where is she shaming him? She's uncomfortable as she should be. Better yet, who brings up the fact that they've slept with 3 people at a wedding? There would be no good reason why that should be brought up.

OP calls her boyfriend a slut in their username. As for how the sleeping with them subject came up, either the BF pointed the girls out and said he'd had sex with them, or the women in question approached OP and told them they had dated him. Both have unpleasant implications. Also, it's highly ironic that you accused skippy of skipping to conclusions, when you yourself skipped to conclusions by not reading the username, almost_there.

Yeahh but its still embarrassing as fuck to introduce your new boyfriend to people he used to sleep with

@skippydoda It doesn't sound like she was shaming him at all. It just seems that she was sad that she didn't have as many friends as her boyfriend especially at a wedding where she should have known more people.

@Rabite I mean... when your name is 'my boyfriend is a slut' that sounds pretty damn shame... She's entitled to feel awkward running into not one, but three of her bf's exes, but she doesn't get to shame him for having sex with people before he met her.

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Good, now he can introduce you to some new people.

"Today, I went to a wedding with my new girlfriend. Turned out, all my exes were there, including the three maids of honor. FML."

So now you have some new friends to get together and compare notes with.

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Hope he used protection. STD rates are up and it’s playing Russian roulette with your naughty bits if you’re sleeping around. Also I would question if it was a committed relationship or if it was all at the same time there’s a lot left out.

Sounds like he was sleeping his way through your family until he got to you

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ok ya he was slut but hes your slut now and hes with you not them your spot is secure rite appreciate him and laugh it off positive mindset good luck.