By Anonymous - Canada - London
Today, I took my labrador to the vet because he seemed really sick and wasn't acting like his usual self the past few weeks. The vet said nothing was physically wrong with him and that he's most likely suffering from depression. My own depression is why I got a dog in the first place. FML
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By  kdgsmiley  |  23

I'm sorry OP. Maybe if you take him to a dog park he'll connect with some other dogs and cheer up - who knows, you might even connect with someone else yourself!

  JHPugh  |  19

That's true. Dogs usually can mimic the vibes from their owners, even if you're not outwardly displaying them. My dog used to bark at pretty much everything and growl and such whenever I was feeling hostile.

By  kdgsmiley  |  23

I'm sorry OP. Maybe if you take him to a dog park he'll connect with some other dogs and cheer up - who knows, you might even connect with someone else yourself!

  ipodtouchgirl  |  21

My dogs always seem to cheer up whenever I take them to the dog park. Plus it allows you to socialize with other dog owners who may have more advice on how to handle your dogs depression

By  PossiblyInDanger  |  24

If you aren't home all the time, it's possible your dog could be lonely. Get a second dog, you'll have more love from both of them, and everyone will be happy. Plus, you can never have too many dogs.

  InsanityVerge  |  8

both dogs could sink into depression if its a manifestation of the owner. its a really bad idea to get another dog. however. if you arnt home you could take him to a dog day camp a couple times a week. petsmart some run them for 21 dollars a week and ive seen alot of dogs benifit from it. in lots of ways...

By  ourtneyc  |  14

I think it would be fun for the both of you to possibly take him to dog parks, walks, etc. just lots of playtime! I think it would pep up the both of you and create a good connection :-)

By  schmoo_schmoo  |  14

Sounds like it might be incentive for you to take the first step to recovery for both you and your dog. Dog's can bring such happiness and you seeing him/her light up every time they see you would certainly help make you feel better I think. Best of luck op!

  GamerG0DDESS  |  29

This is very true. I had 2 huskies who my family and I thought hated each other; but, when one of them passed the other got incredibly depressed and reclusive. Refused to do much for a couple months.

We put a lot of effort in trying to console her, took her for long walks and played with her, anything that we knew she enjoyed. Thankfully, she's back to her old self.

By  katertott  |  44

I've never had a dog, but I do know that pets of all kinds usually feed off of their owners' energy. Perhaps you two can try some fun new activities to bond a little better. Taking walks on new routes, playing fetch with different toys (frisbee vs ball), playing in the snow/sprinklers/kiddie pool, going on doggy playdates, car rides, trip to the pet store... Labs especially are social and love to work, play, and make their handlers happy. Maybe giving him some little jobs here and there will cheer him up. He could carry in the paper each morning or be trained to do other helpful things. While on walks, he could wear a doggie vest filled with toys, treats, pet waste bags, his water bottle and collapsible dish. As long as he's stimulated in a positive way, he shouldn't develop any destructive behaviors or social problems. Best of luck!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

11 is right. I know it's hard to do stuff when you're depressed, but just throwing a ball around the house will make all the difference to your pet. When a pet is depressed it usually isn't like a human, they can snap out of it quickly if you get some treats out or play with some toys or go for a run, etc. It's almost more like they're bored & sad than actually depressed. You're going to have to try and do some fun things with your pup (you don't even have to leave the house necessarily) for the sake of your pup. I think teaching your pup new tricks would be a good starting point. You don't have to leave the house, so it's starting small, & nothing gets pups more happy than treats and work!
Nothing gets you motivated and perks your up a bit than having to take care of, play with, & love on your pup. I have health issues and am home sick all day and got a pup for this reason exactly. He motivates me to get out of bed and play and pay attention to him.