By Anonymous - 06/04/2013 16:17 - Hungary - Budapest

Today, I took my girlfriend to eat out at a restaurant. We chatted for an hour, and it all seemed to be going well, until she told me that she wanted to break up. Waiting for the bill and driving her home was the most painful time of my life. FML
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"Would you folks like any dessert? No? You sure? You make such a cute couple, maybe I could recommend the shared sundae?"

CreepInTheCorner 11

Good luck, OP. But you were a nice guy for still paying.


CreepInTheCorner 11

Good luck, OP. But you were a nice guy for still paying.

countryrose92 23

I would of asked the server to split the bill and only paid for yourself. That was a bitch move on her part. Sorry op

I agree with #1, many other guys out there would've acted immaturely (not saying what she did was right). Makes me happy to see men like you still exist :)

My ex did that at a 200$ a plate restaurant on our anniversary... I paid for it and drove her home. Hopefully you believe In karma because as it turned out she ended up in the hospital with a extremely bad food poisoning. Lets hope yours ordered the oysters. Cheers.

TwiztedYuri 9

well OP she will get hers but its very respectful of you to pay for the food and also not leave her there... I'm sorry she fucked you like that but some people don't know timing... you are a true man and it sad that there aren't many left.

ApacheC424 18

You could say that Karma is why you'd ask for the bill to be split and that you drove home alone. They do that to you, I'd say it's fair they be stranded at a restaurant with a big bill to pay.

Kamibu 12

It doesn't say that he paid, it simply said waiting for the bill and driving her home was torture, likely meaning spending that time with her. Once the bill CAME, it doesn't say which one (or if both) of them took care of it. Still a gentleman, still rude and thoughtless on her part, but y'know, assuming and asses and me and you and everyone we know and whatnot.

I would not have paid our drive her as home...

generalasskicker 12

Not paying for the bitch and leaving seems more appropriate

tjv3 10

You should have told them to split the check and then told her to get a cab!

#53 - a 200$ plate? I can eat for 2 weeks with the same money! I don't like the idea about being resentful with anyone, but she kind of deserved that one.

"Would you folks like any dessert? No? You sure? You make such a cute couple, maybe I could recommend the shared sundae?"

"Sir, I don't have a problem with slipping an engagement ring into her drink"

"I'm actually a licensed Justice of The Peace. We can get you two married right now."

2 - Your comment reminds me of this commercial where a couple is sitting and the restaurant crew brings out a 'we are over' cake to the man because the lady told them to... It's sad ... :(

You should have just left her there. ._.

TheRealBruce 12

Ohh nooo

lexxiii 17

He sounds like a true gentleman for paying and taking her home. They're awfully hard to come by these days. Even though I don't know the situation and she may have broken up with him for a very good reason, she also may have made the biggest mistake of her life.

From The FML it seems as though OP is a very down to earth person, any other guy would have acted like a Meh. Im pretty sure he won't have any trouble finding another girl^.^

lsfactor 4

I agree. You dump me after I just bought you dinner you're dead to me. I'll get you a cab though, that's the least I can do...

67 - I agree with you and others that he was a gentleman for paying and taking her home. Personally, if she broke up with me during a meal, to me that means the relationship is over right then and there. I would've split the bill and left her there, because she is the one who chose to end the relationship.

I would find splitting the bill acceptable, but I wouldn't practice it personally. As for leaving her there, that's too far. Ending a relationship on bad terms is generally the wrong option.

generalasskicker 12

Agreed if someone doesn't want to be with you anymore treat them like there not with you. You wouldn't pick up a strangers tab and take them home unless there is something in it for you.

That sucks that she did it in a public place like that... you should have, then got up and walk away ans stick her with the bill and a nice walk home

More painful than a floozle? I think not.

What the hell is that

Kamibu 12

How tactless. If she knew she was going to break up with you, I don't see why there needed to be a meal, and if there did, arrange your own damn ride, lady! If it was decided during the date, it could have waited until after the ride home. I hope she paid at LEAST her half. And you're a gentleman for not telling her ass to call a cab.

Reminds me of the FML where they broke up while they were ice skating, as if it was a sudden realization she just didnt want to be with him anymore halfway through a date...

Next time drive her back to where you went for the date, if it's not too far, and make her feel like crap for using you.

Kamibu 12

98, so use MORE gas money on petty revenge that doesn't solve a thing? Logic. Yes.

Wow that's horrible! I'm so sorry OP!

FlamingTacos 7

Did she at least pay for the meal?

What a bitch, credits to you for being a gentleman.

McNikk 15

Good timing, she doesn't have it.