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Well your dad seems very friendly.

He is one creepy fellow...


he sounds like fun!

Watch out, dad's dopamine levels are over 9000

More awkward than 'ouch'.

Well, at least it was a creative way to say it.

How did op deserve it??

Well your dad seems very friendly.

You could say a little bit too friendly...

I guess OP's girl can never sleep over then. His dad might do unspeakable things when she's sleeping

More like a fucking perv!

That must have been so awkward. Well, at least he "likes" your girlfriend, OP! ;)

Headless bloke without a shirt strikes yet again

Put a shirt on, tool.

^ what that guy said

#2 put on a shirt for your and ours sake please. Your skin and bones dude

No, all of you misunderstand him! His picture is actually a subtle cry for help regarding his extreme malnutrition. Instead of flaming him, we should be sending him food stamps instead.

Guys, just because you're jealous of him doesn't make it alright to make fun of him. Bullying isn't right.

#2 would you happen to be a bag filled with douche?

Keep it in the family ((;

He is one creepy fellow...

Chill. I'm just checking your vagina for fun.

Today, my boyfriends father offered to check my vagina for fun. FML

He sounds pretty cool. I guess.

Haha seems OP's dad has a crush!!! How cute! Lol.

3- I thumbed up just for the pic.

114 I thumbed down, just because of the picture.

That'll be a good story for the future. Hopefully she has a good sense of humor.

And that, kids, is the night your mom met your dad. Or grandad. Whichever you prefer to call him.

He's just rounding up business.

Hey he just wants make aeverything works and functions right for you OP.

That's incredibly disturbing... btw like the batman shirt. Lol

Haha thank you it's from hottopic x)

Lol thanks for the info, because I'm so gonna run down there and pick one up for myself.

Now my mom gets my clothes for me at Hot Topic, I dress like a Nazi First thing I thought of at the word Hot Topic.

UI did get it online do it might not be in stores... It's also a girls shirt. Just thought you'd want to know that....

Hmm... Fits the applications name doesn't it?

there's a button for your comment.

There is a button for that comment as well, sir. (the thumbs down button)...maybe I should take my own advice...

Wow, pokefan! Thanks for showing me that amazing button! Let me test it on you.

49: I'm a girl.... smh.

Oh no, your goodness!

That sucks I'm sorry ur dads a pervert :(

Or maybe just maybe, the guy actually has a decent sense of humour and you shouldn't take it so seriously...

I think your Dad might have just gotten a patient OP