By >_< - 30/08/2013 22:56 - United States - Richmond

Today, I took my girlfriend home to meet my parents. They thought it'd be hilarious to put on ridiculous accents and act like country hicks, spewing obscenities and strongly hinting that we're into incest. She soon left in disgust. I haven't heard back from her since. FML
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If she doesn't get your family's "interesting" humor then maybe it was a good thing to find out now.


Or stick around and take your cousin on a date

Or OP could pull the parents into guilt by doing the WHY, I LOVED HER!

incest incest is the best! put your family to the test! (: well why in out when you can keep it in the family op?

If I were her, I would've straight dropped on the ground laughing. And when I was done, I'd stand up and high five the parents.

If she doesn't get your family's "interesting" humor then maybe it was a good thing to find out now.

the first time i had my girlfriend over, my dad came racing downstairs in a speedo and started dancing..

Your Dad is amazing!

I doubt that happened #51

71 - Sounds like something I would do to my kids someday...

your family's hilarious. XD If she reacts like that maybe you should talk to her, if she refuses to hear your explanations, maybe reconsider.

Your name is a lie.

The family that feeds together breeds together. There it's out, no more incest jokes now.

A game the whole family can play!

This will be such a nice story to tell your children.

how I met your mother: she's my mom too

Family members can be the biggest jerks sometimes, sorry OP.

They obviously don't want you dating anytime soon

Tell her that your family meant no harm, if she really likes you she'll be back

Did they break out the banjos? No hick act is complete without a banjo solo.

Or rattling spoons and blowing into bottles...

Don't forget the washboard!

A whole hillbilly orchestra.

Your parents are assholes.