By Lindsey - 24/05/2014 15:22 - United States

Today, I took my driving test. I had pulled out of my three point turn in a neighborhood and started driving again, thinking something wasn't quite right. The lady testing me looked over at me and said, "Sweetie, you're driving on the wrong side of the road." FML
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Bree12345 15

I'm guessing you didn't pass?

USA not London


Bree12345 15

I'm guessing you didn't pass?

This proves that women are bad drivers.

You know, despite your username, you're not all that helpful.

This only proves that this certain woman can't drive. Don't be so stuck in stereotypes.

I hope she didn't pass. She definitely needs more practice.

did you pass or fail? hopefully she let you continue without automatically failing you. good luck to you. and not all women drivers are bad. and dont act like youve never made a mistake.

Obviously, #17 was joking about that stereotype. No need to get mad about a joke. This is suppose to be a site for laughs not people that cant take a joke.

What did #17 say? Something about women drivers...

gjikvtj 18

1) Reply "Oh, I thought we had reached England by now" 2) Drown in money and potential relationship partners

#58 ....what?

Gotta remember which side

I can't believe some people didn't see the pun here

HJKM_fml 19

Maybe OP is from somewhere that people drive on the other side of the road. Like Europe or Australia?

It is an instant fail if you drive on the wrong side

Pretty sure all of Europe apart from the UK drive on the right... sadly :P Aussie here.

incoherentrmblr 21

Even though it is an awesome show, this is what happens when you watch too much Top Gear on BBC...


Something wasn't quite RIGHT, you that is. xD

Sorry to hear about that OP. Hope that doesn't affect you too much

I definitely hope it affected her mark and hope she failed her test. I don't want her driving on the road until she's more experienced. Some more practice OP and I'm sure you'll be fine.

#51 Better be an instant disqualification lol. Thats scary if the person passed. I know we all get nervous on our driving tests, but thats a mistake you really shouldnt be making even if nervous.

This is why im kind of an self proclaimed elitist when it comes to driving. If you cant drive properly during a normal day, what are you going to do when you are in situations that require a level head like driving through a severe storm? Staying on the right part of the road is even more important during heavy snow storms, severe downpours, etc.

USA not London

martin8337 35

Yeah, we drive on the right side of the road, whereas England and Japan drive on the wrong side of the road.

It's the left side and it's not wrong for them.

I don't mean to seem like an asshole, but don't refer to the whole of the uk as England. England is just a single country within the uk, and over here it is deemed offensive to refer to the whole thing singularly as any one of the member states. Either call it Britain (which you can use on a technicality although it does not include northern ireland), or the UK. You also forgot to mention Australia, which also drives on the left.

#35 I'm sure he was being generic.

#38, exactly, which is why it is insulting to people from the UK. It's essentially the same thing as referring to the whole of the US as Texas, because that is your largest state in terms of population (unless Alaska is? I could be mistaken). Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England are culturally and linguistically separate (differing regional languages/and the one main language they share has strong dialectal differences). The only thing we really share closely is history tbh... So you can't really be generic about the UK in that way, it's actually really insulting. And, i'm not just saying that because i personally am Scottish, it's insulting to the other member states as well when they are on the receiving end of it. You need to watch with the UK, as both patriotism and nationalism hold very strongly here...

California is biggest by pollution and Alaska is biggest by area. Texas is only biggest in main body of US states (and in Texans heads)

DaMann360 19

^^ This guy ^^

Ok in that case it's like calling the whole US California.

#41(and #35) As if nationalism isn't strong elsewhere? I'm American, I have some nationalist pride (although it is limited) I don't get offended if someone calls me fat, lazy, or an overly-eccentric gun enthusiast (mainly because I kind of am) and all of those are very common generalizations. In all honesty, being a student in America, I can say that they don't teach us that here, although I am only a sophomore in high school. Also, he said London, not England.

Actually 47, i was referring to 30. And yes i know it is strong everywhere, but believe me when i say it is really strong here... We actually have an impending independence referendum in Scotland because of it. Scottish not British they say... And tbh judging by the attitudes over here (which are poorly reflected in the media at best) i'd give it around a 60% chance of passing, depending on how Glasgow votes. Glaswegians seem to be typically on the no side, however the majority elsewhere seem to be yes voters. So i honestly don't know xD.

Redoxx_fml 22

Is wrong the opposite of right ?

I agree with #50, it gets very annoying when Americans refer to Britain as 'England'. It makes people over here think that America doesnt have a good education system when people generally dont realise that the UK isnt just England by itself. But on the topic of the independence thing, I am from Scotland and can tell you that its really only the idiots who follow the SNP strongly. The rest of us know it is not a good idea and thats for the whole of Scotland. However, it is actually probably the Glaswegians who are the worst believe it or not, especially the teenagers who unfortunately are being allowed to vote despite generally having no clue what they are talking about. But then, nor do the older people who agree with independence. Its currently a case of the blind leading the blind up here, since the SNP really have no idea how badly this will affect Scotland if we go independent. I can see why you would think that about Glaswegians though. Typically when Scottish people are shown on tv down south, it is only Glaswegians who appear on your channels because apparently they represent all of us. Its a bit strange really that they dont go to Edinburgh more, at least that is our capital and makes sense, going to Glasgow does not.

DaMann360 19

#54, if wrong is the opposite of right, and left is the opposite of right, then left and wrong mean the same thing, right?

# 30 This is the problem with some (not all Americans) - they seem to think that if it isn't done their way then it is automatically the wrong way.

bfsd42 20

This whole argument is pointless. 30 said nothing wrong. He listed 2 countries that drive on the left side of the road. He did not call Britain England. He called England England. No need to read so deep into a simple comment and deem it offensive.

Wow. Talk about not being able to take a joke. We drive on the "right" so the other side is "wrong" get it? As for the whole UK/Britian/England thing, while American schools do suck, we just don't care enough when we're referring to stuff "over the pond." Maybe I should take offense because you generalized me as an American and not a Californian? No I shouldn't just relax and stop getting offended so easily.

toomanyidiots 14

What makes you think people are referring to "Britain" when they say something about "England"? "Great Britain" is the island. England, Wales, Scotland are all several countries that are part of that one island. The "United Kingdom" is made up of the island called Britain and also part of Ireland. The poster you're making a big deal about was trying to make a joke, and picked two countries known for driving on the left. Don't get butthurt because you're a Scott and didn't get your country mentioned...

toomanyidiots 14

Before people eat me alive: *different countries *Scot

#73: You dont need to make it obvious that your education in particular sucked. Its Britain, not Britian. I dont think #30 was that offended anyway really, it just gets tiring seeing so many people only remember England and forget the rest of the UK. I've actually known people who didnt even know where Scotland was. Thats just sad. You guys get all offended if we ask if you're from Canada and not the USA, why shouldnt we get annoyed by you guys forgetting we have more than just 1 country joining us together?

#59 the American education system does suck. They schools care more about test scores than students care about learning , mainly because of a lack of motive and proper funding. America has one of the lowest average national test scores.

It really depends where you are from #59. I live in Aberdeen and the yes support is actually pretty darn strong here. I myself support it, although not for blind nationalism (although I did in fact write my university thesis on national identity in Scotland), I generally just spent several years researching it and believe it to be beneficial for a number of reasons (feel free to mail me and ask if you want, I will keep away from politics on here). However, as I said, Glasgow is the most crucial area in both yes/no. I also did not personally get offended by #30. I commented on the issue because I felt he was referring to the United Kingdom, rather than to England itself, and felt it therefore necessary to point out that by calling the whole thing England he was actually inadvertently being really offensive. It was nothing to do with butthurt towards being a Scot, and not being mentioned. Although, Scotland was actually the UK country that came up with the idea of driving on the left, so the former colonies that do it are effectively living off the Scottish system. Japan, obviously, is a different case. However, if you called an Englishman a Scot, he/she would likely be just as offended as a Scot would being called an Englishman.

tj, sorry, but you kind of do seem like an asshole. Martin was clearly joking. And so he didn't include every nation that drives on the left side of the road. Get over it. btw, I'm also English.

This has been the most pointless argument I've witnessed all day

Damn. How much of your lives did I waste because of that comment?

And you're forgetting to mention Canada which also drives on the left.

I meant on the "right" not the left, I also hope when people are referring to "Americans" they are just referring to the USA and not all of us on the "American" continents as most of us do not like being called American as that refers to people from the US :)

FrancesShiver 20

That's not right, even if it seems like it.

FrancesShiver 20

Why don't I have more likes I'm adorable and funny

Mainly because it wasn't funny and now you seem overly self centered

I just looked at your default picture. None of you are adorable. And I've seen better legs on a chair.

FrancesShiver 20

Darn. It wasn't funny and I know it, it's called self-irony and it's used to let people joke about thenselves.

FrancesShiver 20

That my dear friend, is my idol Eleanor Calder with her friends (she's the second last and you gotta love her legs). Again, it was self-irony so please calm down.

Wow 52, that got personal really quickly... :/

At least she was kind enough to break it to you lightly!

nlm92 15

Yeah she sounds like the nicest driving instructor ever!

DaMann360 19

I failed my drivers test. Luckly, the lady who was testing me, she was terrible at math so she didnt add up my points correctly so I passed anyways. Dont worry, I already told everyone to stay off the sidewalks when I'm driving.

Exactly. I was going to mention that testers are usually meaner than that and act like they have the worst job in the world. The last tester I had chewed me out for adjusting my side view mirrors while she was talking.

Hey I don't even know how to drive! You're still better off than some of us

ThatOneGuy719 16

I don't know why #5 got down voted, she just said she doesn't know how to drive.

It's FML. Not many of the people who vote on this website have much in the way of rational thought.

Cheese wheels taste like helicopters

chelsearenaeee 16

On the bright side, if this was England you would've been correct. Better luck next time, OP.

How is it that it's so easy for people to drive on the wrong side of the road?

Maybe OP recently moved to the US from another part of the world where they do drive on the left?

^Driver's permits are only valid in the country in which you received it. Even if she's from a country that drives an the left side of the road, she would've been driving on the right side for a minimum of 9 months, so she definitely should have been used to it by now.

USA not London