By Cassie
Today, I took my dog for a walk. He started crapping on someone's lawn, then I noticed that the owner was outside and giving me a death stare. Not knowing what to do, I picked up the crap with my bare hands. The man started laughing at me. FML
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  BayBeezy  |  0

happened to me once. huge dog with a big crap, and oversized older woman came out in her bathrobe screaming at me to "cleeeeean that sh*t!"

I asked her for the hose so I could wash
it off, or a bag at least but she rudely said "NO!" so I told her I was gona go get one from home and walked away. she kept yelling after me but I raised my middle finger and kept walking. fuk that b*tch.

  srhshl  |  9

When a dog starts to shit, you can't really stop it. What can you do? "No Rex, hold it in! Clench harder! This is somebody's LAWN, not the park with identical grass."

  0opsie  |  6

Of course you never know when your dog's going to poop. That's why you always keep those little plastic poop bags with you when you walk your dog. Who leaves that shit everywhere? YDI


161-- You are right. While OP was caught red handed in his shitty situation, he should've yelled, " Bitch(not the dog), you should be glad my dog shitted on your lawn. Atleast now, you'll have a good lawn in the near future."


#2 and #4, LOL.
Sorry to hear that, mate!
And yeah, now that I think about it, you should've brought a bag. I'm pretty sure you knew that he was going to crap, it wasn't totally unexpected or anything.


you're right, 97.

most of them are:

shitty situation - crappy situation - "insert person" must have been pissed

it's not funny anymore after 48244368 times, people.

  justsomgirl  |  4

I know right? I don't understand why people are sympathizing with this. there's no excuse for letting your dog crap on someone's yard. damn right you should pick it up with your bare hands if you are too stupid to bring a bag.

  jayellef  |  3

she totally deserves it, it's her dog her responsibility. my dog once pooped on a lawn and I forgot a bag as well, so I walked over to the nearest trash can found a cup and scooped it up.