By Anonymous / Sunday 23 December 2012 15:02 / Australia
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Exactly what I was thinking. OP, why don't you actually do some parenting and discipline your child? You actually look worse now than if you had copped to it. Next time, say "That's my kid. Don't worry, I'll take care of it." In conclusion, YDI.


Well judging by the fact op's child is a bully she probably isn't the world's best parent as just shown. YDI, although its pretty funny.. Must of burned.


She was probably on her phone or something. I don't know who is worse walking around with their faces glued to the phone screen, the thirteen year old or the moms. I see it everyday, kids running around my shop like maniacs and mom busy texting on her phone.

Maybe instead of trying to save your dignity, you should have apologized and taught you're child not to harass other kids. YDI


There's no shame in teaching your kid that there doing something wrong. OP wouldn't be sacrificing any dignity if she took responsibility.


Actually if she went up to her kid and handled the situation well, she would probably gain respect if anything.

Sounds very responsibly to hide from fault. Maybe he needs more attention from you which is probably why you didn't notice him bullying other kids.

By  Ozuru

I see where you're coming from OP, nobody wants to be hit by the wrath of an angry mother. If it was something serious, talk to your kid.

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