By Jace - 19/08/2011 22:36 - United Kingdom

Today, I took my Catholic girlfriend home to meet my family for the first time. My brother thought it would be civil to spend over an hour insulting her religion and explaining in detail the many ways in which "the Force" is superior. FML
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Even if he doesn't believe in it, he has no right to insult her beliefs unless she was shoving them down his throat.

let the religious shitstorm begin


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Well op, good luck getting your girlfriend to come to any more family gatherings

adropofpeace 8

I'd choose star wars any day of the week. Especially the ones that end in Y.

first of all, i hope you're kidding op. because if you arent, your brother is a moron of the highest caliber and deserves 40 lashes.

May I meet your brother?

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The Force is tring w/ op's brother

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I agrre i love tha

I agree the brother sounds awesome!

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Y must people hate on my religion? -.-

Well obviously why do you think yoda would kick the popes ass every single time.

*moves left hand* This is not the religion you are looking for.

The__Redneck 7

Because, of course, spending a solid hour insulting someone is 'a joke'.

tacovender 7

Wow the shit hit the fan here. Fuck all of you guys who take too seriously to any end of the spectrum. Now, please shut up and enjoy the little shred of decent Internet that's left

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the force is strong with this one...

Lauren10102 3

Obviously! We have lightsabres all they have is a pope!

Hey, jerkstore: it's spelled lightsaber. It's not open for international localized spellings any more than soufflé.

37- Ah, but no one can deny that the pope looks like Emperor Palpatine.

37 - Ah, but no one can deny that the pope looks like Emperor Palpatine.


Hmmm can't tell if he is a dick..or comedian...or truth teller.

I you think about it, it kind of is...

Lauren10102 3

Lol that is the most awesome accidental placement of words, say it out loud "AyueeOoooo" You sir have just made my day.

Even if he doesn't believe in it, he has no right to insult her beliefs unless she was shoving them down his throat.

Lauren10102 3

So once shoving begins it's okay? not really....

leadman1989 15

Sounds like a two way conversation to me, who sits there for an hour and gets preached at? It's not rude to tell someone that Santa Claus is bullcrap and it's not rude to do the same in this situation.

Lauren10102 3

Even if someone is preaching to me, I wouldn't "insult" someone's religion. I'm not saying I would convert or whatever, but I'd like to think that people are more tolerant and pleasant than to insult someone's religious beliefs. Maybe I'm wrong...

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citymayer 7

I personally despise when people do this to me. I have my beliefs and they have theirs. Everyone just needs to keep it to themselves unless asked about it.

I don't know if it's just me but I thinks it's fine to insult someones religion if it caused mass genocide

ScaryGirl 4

Yes, he does. Freedom of speech. He can say whatever he wants, and so can anyone else. If someone tired to insult my lack of belief, I wouldn't actually get offended, but instead try to explain why they're wrong. Which probably wouldn't work, because you know, religious people don't like rationality.

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The force is strong in this one.

look at all the fucking atheist ass holes lol :) bitch

let the religious shitstorm begin

already the thumbing is reflecting people's religious opinions.

Lauren10102 3

lol that is funny, I never though about it that way, but I guess it kinda does!

borkchop1992 15

well you could always just tell him he's never getting laid

leadman1989 15

Well he COULD already have a girl/boyfriend. Who knows it wasn't mentioned why jump to conclusions?

The__Redneck 7

If the guy's willing to spend an hour insulting his brother's girlfriend for being Catholic and then proclaim belief in "the force," it's a safe bet that he does not have a girlfriend. And never will.

Agreed with #90. The guy sounds like a grade-A douchebag.