By Anonymous - 15/1/2012 09:44 - United States
Today, I took my car to a drive-through car wash. It wasn't until after my back seat was filled with foam and I had been squirted in the face that I realized my back seat window was rolled down. FML
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  OhHushDear  |  11

Uh, YEAH you should check. And I can't believe it took your seat filling up with foam to REALIZE that a window was rolled down. You sound exceptionally unobservant.

  thatshot808  |  6

ALWAYS check the windows before washing your car. It's common sense and if the window open was the one behind the drivers seat, then you defiantly deserve it!

By  Savra_fml  |  17

This is totally a YDI! If the car could talk it would probably say "sell me, please!" Get off the roads. That way your car can be nice and clean at home.