By ben - 18/09/2009 06:17 - United States

Today, I took my 5 year-old son to the barber shop. When the man finishes with him, I tell the guy, "while we're here, I might as well get a trim too." My son then exclaims very loudly in front of a very full barber's shop, "Dad! You don't need a haircut, you need hair!" FML
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Ah, kids.... never too shy to embarrass their

I love your son! XD !DNOCES :SP


I dunno. Maybe he's right. How much hair do you have on your head anyway?

LOL. But it's a laugh-it-off, not an FML. Btw, did the barber respond by saying "Sir, I'll have to charge you double - one to find the hair and the other to cut it!"

*pushes the 'so what?' button*

I agree with #34. The FMLs are shit these days, it is as if everyone here is a softy. I mean, come on...

op is just stupid. That is the EXACT same thing i would say to my dad. he knows better than to set himself up for that.

jasonsaied 1

um did you think nobody could notice it before that?

that's not really an FML cause alot of men don't have hair on their scalp

so what button?? that's hilariously lame!!!

I love your son! XD !DNOCES :SP

While we're here, get a sense of humor. YDI for not whining instead of laughing about it.

YDI for whining instead of laughing about it.

I don't get why old guys do get like half an inch of hair trimmed off their sides. ... why bother?

That sucks... You can borrow some of mine if you want lol ko xxox

Ah, kids.... never too shy to embarrass their

Oh well, truth hurts doesn't it?

Your kid sounds adorable, and very quick-witted. This made me laugh :)

That's endearing, not an FML.

Who cares? You're bald, be proud.

As my dad says, bald is beautiful. :) OP, embrace your thinning hair. Or go for the Full Monty, and shave the rest of it off! :D