By Pandistoteles - United States
Today, I took my 5-year-old daughter to the play place at McDonalds but I had to keep her busy, instead of letting her play. A mom was teaching her 3-year-old daughter how to pole dance, using the play place's poles. FML
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  onlychildFTW  |  33

Well she's guaranteed a job in the future, pole dancers/strip clubs won't be going away anytime soon. This mother is just looking out for her daughters future job! What great mothering indeed! I wouldn't be surprised if the mothers also teaching her to twerk.

  JustinJK  |  21

hey! pole dancing is a good form of exercise! don't shame the mom for wanting to keep her daughter fit. gotta burn those McDonald's calories somehow!

  mmmxr  |  11

I know write! People are always blaming the newer generations for every thing when in reality it's the parents who are teaching them to act crazy.

  girI  |  20

Nothing really, it's a hard form of excersise which requires strength, flexibility and a degree of balance.
Can you support your entire bodyweight on one leg whilst upside down?
Hold your legs parallel to the floor using just your arms?
Have your whole body parallel using your legs and one arm?
There's a great deal of stigma surrounding pole due to the clothing, (or lack thereof), however there are technical reasons for this when performing certain moves.

By  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

Surprisingly I've seen worse at McDonald's. What a classy thing to teach your daughter.

  StiffPvtParts  |  43

This one time, I witnessed a mother change her baby's diaper on the table right next to mine. Of course, one of the members of the staff walked up to her and told her that she can't be changing her daughter's diaper on tables where they serve food to customers, and she just told him to "f**k off" right in front of her other two children, both of whom were morbidly obese (just like their mother). I'm still baffled by the fact that someone actually managed to impregnate such a vile creature as her, and not only once, but three freakin' times. Long story short, I haven't been to McDonald's since that dreadful day ._.

  xleanne_aLly  |  23

#75 Yeah the mom was rude. But that's veryyyy extreme that you've never been back to Mc Donalds.

If it was a health thing *high five*
Congrats man!

But if you haven't even been back to even the drive through, because of someone of a lower class sat next to you?

That's very low. Get over yourself and go buy a burger.

You seem ruder than the mother you're talking about.

  StiffPvtParts  |  43

#78 Not at all... Not only did she seem to be pretty well off, but I myself happen to be in the lowest bracket of the lower class. The only reason why I haven't been to McDonald's in years, is because I simply don't like their food (if 'it' can even be called food at this point). ( ._.)