By heartbroken - United States - Huntington
Today, I took an exam in order to apply for a graduate program I want to get into. Last night, my boyfriend decided it was a good time to break up with me out of the blue. I broke down three times in the middle of the test, and I just barely failed it. FML
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  naarz  |  9

Yes agreed OP, sorry to hear that but like mentioned from others your way better off without me if he left out of the blue then it means he was never the one for you to begin with......cheer up Hun things will get better and you will soon meet someone else who will treat you better.....

  ptoka  |  20

If it's just the GRE she can retake it many times, it's just a matter of cost and what the school's policy on retakes is. Still, she could have canceled it at the end if she was so emotional. Really sucks that happened to you, OP.

  LtBoom  |  13

Can any of you fucking read? He didn't break up with her during the exam, he broke up with her the NIGHT before. In no way is he an asshole, by that logic almost all of you are also assholes because I'm damn sure most of you have broken somebody's heart at some point too. It just happened at an inconvenient time.

  doodlecloud  |  26

The above comments do not at all assume that he broke up with her IN the exam. How would that even be possible as you're not allowed to talk? He is still an asshole. He was her boyfriend - he must have known she had such an important test coming up. He either didn't care about it or her at all or was only thinking about himself and just didn't consider how it might impact her.

  LtBoom  |  13

You're all assuming he knew, if he was planning on breaking up with her he probably distanced himself a bit and they didn't talk much. Just don't automatically assume he knew, for all you know she could've not told him about it. There's always two sides to every story and you've only heard one side, I'm just giving the guy the benefit of the doubt amongst others instantly labeling him an asshole.

By  WCARlover  |  34

I'm sorry OP :( there's always another school? Look at it this way..if he is that inconsiderate, he isn't the best guy for you anyway. Best of luck to you.