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You may want to purchase a second one.

In Soviet Russia, hot plate puts you in oven.


You may want to purchase a second one.

Jeeze, I can understand accidentally burning yourself, or even sometimes touching it with your bare hand.. But actually picking it up?

That's why I always wear both mitts

How are you even smart enough to be able to feed yourself?

Speak for yourself; it just means that you're an idiot, too. I've been cooking for almost ten years and have never grabbed a hot plate/pan/dish/food/etc with an unprotected hand absent-mindedly.

don't stick your hand in ice, you'll get freezer burn, run it under cold water for 5 minutes at least.

catatonicsleep - actually, that depends where you live. Where I live, it's so warm that ice begins melting as soon as you take it out of the freezer, so if you stuck your hand in a bucket of ice you'd have no chance of getting freezer burn. That said, running water is still the best thing for a burn.

meh not really horrible

Today, all the FMLs were boring. FML.

Today, my comment was moderated because I said the FMLs today were boring. It was barely 50 characters long. FML.

Since when is saying that the FMLs have been boring lately, been against the rules?

You freakin retarded?

Yah I don't see how someone kould even manage to do that dude.. damn

op needs dose of common sense