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  Smoxxii  |  17

I can't seem to remember what it is... Hm, it's at the tip of my tongue- Ah! Schizophrenia.... OP should search her place for her meds... Don't you agree, #50?

  davidislost  |  11

Hate to speculate, but it probably wouldn't be Schizophrenia, but maybe a personality disorder of some sort.

DID maybe, or maybe she's using them as a coping method for her anxiety on the date.


I seriously love how your picture is of Patrick and you commented that. All I can think about it "Patrick, your snail is a rock..." "Yeah, I know. He's got nerves of steel!"
I commend you, sir.

By  synsam  |  4

pretty creepy but then again you took multiple girls on a single date and paid for only one if you sleep together that's an orgy and you really only have to please one. that's called big pimpin' son embrace it.

  Smoxxii  |  17

And- The relationship ends in tragedy- OP is arrested for pedophilia and for having intercourse with a minor. The young and darling girlfriend of OP is devastated. *tear*