By rokkstarrrVRV - 28/12/2013 08:42 - Canada - Edmonton

Today, I took a girl on a date. Her and her imaginary friends. FML
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As long as you didn't pay for all of them :)


It's an interesting thing to admit on a first date - maybe she was joking?

Imaginary orgy!

I imagine that the date didn't end that well...

this FML is fake.

How would you know 37?

As long as you didn't pay for all of them :)

Should of drop them off at foster's home for imagery friends.

Tell her your going Dutch and split the bill among all of the friends.

Splitting the bill among her friends isn't Dutch. Dutch is everyone pays for themselves...

One fuck two fuck 3 fuck 4

You are no Dr. Seuss.

Everyone has their quirks, try and look past it.

Yeah I'm pretty sure imaginary friends is something you grow out of..

It's weird enough she still has imaginary friends, but weirder that she didn't leave them at home for a date..

If you don't wanna play along just allow it, she seems harmless

8-Nah, I think some of us just become writers and artists instead. ;)

Maybe they followed her there? #32

I think this mental disorder has a name...

#50 I'm not sure imagination is a mental disorder.

After a certain age yes, fully believing in imaginary friends is a mental disorder

I can't seem to remember what it is... Hm, it's at the tip of my tongue- Ah! Schizophrenia.... OP should search her place for her meds... Don't you agree, #50?

Hate to speculate, but it probably wouldn't be Schizophrenia, but maybe a personality disorder of some sort. DID maybe, or maybe she's using them as a coping method for her anxiety on the date.

I'm pretty sure that's not a quirk... But pure insanity

Introduce them to your pet rock.

I seriously love how your picture is of Patrick and you commented that. All I can think about it "Patrick, your snail is a rock..." "Yeah, I know. He's got nerves of steel!" I commend you, sir.

Haha The Great Snail Race gets me every time "It's ok, take your time Rocky" (or something like that).

pretty creepy but then again you took multiple girls on a single date and paid for only one if you sleep together that's an orgy and you really only have to please one. that's called big pimpin' son embrace it.

What if her imaginary friends are guys... Nothing wrong with a gang bang, but personally I believe in the one dick per fantasy rule.

How old is she?

Are they hot?

schizophrenia is the best explanation :p

and not funny

I agree it's not funny... it's hilarious!

Schizophrenia makes a person hear voices, not think that they have imaginary friends -__-"

Some people project those voices as actual beings (imaginary friends) or sometimes as split personalities.

Yup. That's normal and not weird at all. Well, if you're 8 or younger at least.

Plot twist: OP went on a date with an 8 year old.

And- The relationship ends in tragedy- OP is arrested for pedophilia and for having intercourse with a minor. The young and darling girlfriend of OP is devastated. *tear*

How do you know OP isn't an 8 year old too? Maybe he will have a happy life with her