By Anonymous - 05/10/2010 21:27 - United States

Today, I told the girl I've been seeing for a while about the strong feelings that I have for her and that I was falling in love. She told me my words made her realize what it felt like to be in love. My words were so powerful, in fact, that she ran right back into the arms of her ex boyfriend. FML
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You can do better. But then again she can't help it. You will find love one day :) i pinky promise.

yeah, telling a girl that you love her bra will most likely make her feel uncomfortable.


Op ydi for being unliked by the person you like.

I'm pretty sure you ^^ aren't liked by any one. according to all ur fml comments

Well I like him just fine! :p

IV, thanks! ;) See 27, I've still got people that don't hate me! I'll need to work on that... PS: we have the same birthday, imaginaryvoice! PS: What does ps stand for?

Lol! you're older by a day! Thats awesome!

Your profile says 4/11, aren't you a little young to be lying about your age? Anyway, I beat you!

I like them too...

Lol it definitely says 4/12 0.o

No it doesn't.

55 yes it does. and 56 my profile says my birthday is one day earlier than it actually is too. she didn't lie.. it's a glitch.

Oh my god it does say 4/11! But on my actual profile it says 4/12... Guess we can't be twins... Haha

58 I know, it was messin with me a while ago.. And IV that's too bad, I guess that means I'm not your long lost evil twin :(

Is love real? or is it something we make up to make the world seem like a better place?

68- Love is definitely real. We all love God, and he loves us, so how could it not be real?

ps stands for post script

I really do believe love exists, I'm sure we've all felt it even if just a glimpse. It's just those "down" moments that make us want to believe it doesn't, it has to, otherwise what left do we have in this world.

God has a tendency to dick me over... not so sure about him.

dude she's a bitch... if you were ever to get married she would be the type of girl to get an affair :o

lolololol fyl indeed

ouch. that's what you get for being deep

yea, you shudda come back with "bitch i didnt want yo ho ass anyways, thats why your boyfriend dumped you" or somthing of that sort:)

you never ever tell a women you love her brah

Are you talking from personal experience? If so, I completely understand. But let's not shoot down the opportunities of other guys, simply because no woman could ever love you.

yeah, telling a girl that you love her bra will most likely make her feel uncomfortable.

LMBO. 75 is a win!!!! OP sorry. it is nice to hear when somebody loves you. but sometimes if you say it to soon it may scare the person off. maybe the ex was just an excuse.

Somehow I doubt that this would actually happen. Although I feel that way about 99.9% of the FMLs on here.

Then why do you keep coming back?

good point

You mustn't have much much experience with immature girls.

Leave her alone guys. It's only immature to insult someone who isn't even being immature. Lord forbid someone state their opinion on FML.

54: Actually, expressing this particular opinion is forbidden, if not by God. = It kills the fun to question the validity of the story, and admits a lack of imagination.

true I don't either but there super funny x]

Lol her comment didn't ruin any of my fun. But alright, sure. Stating that you don't believe the OP's post is completely wrong and nobody should ever do it ever. That's your lesson for today, kids.

P.s, I really like your hair, Jane. :)

41- How does any of this have to do with coming back? ^_^' 45- I am one, lol. 54- Thanks xP 62- Yea, same here. :3

actually this has happened to me.

coz it's interesting to read the fmls on here right #7? =D

I mean 9 omg

well...maybe she realized you were not for her. Or she was not for you...better you know now.

Sounds like she never got over her ex. Your strong emotions just triggered something she was trying to hold back and repress that she forgot/lost it. Bad luck OP, well atleast you got your feelings out, better than a what-if situation I guess.

You can do better. But then again she can't help it. You will find love one day :) i pinky promise.