By Anonymous - United States
Today, I told the girl I've been seeing for a while about the strong feelings that I have for her and that I was falling in love. She told me my words made her realize what it felt like to be in love. My words were so powerful, in fact, that she ran right back into the arms of her ex boyfriend. FML
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  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

IV, thanks! ;) See 27, I've still got people that don't hate me! I'll need to work on that...

PS: we have the same birthday, imaginaryvoice!

PS: What does ps stand for?

  alienc  |  0

I really do believe love exists, I'm sure we've all felt it even if just a glimpse. It's just those "down" moments that make us want to believe it doesn't, it has to, otherwise what left do we have in this world.

  kaijapapaya  |  0

Are you talking from personal experience? If so, I completely understand. But let's not shoot down the opportunities of other guys, simply because no woman could ever love you.

  Buchitoo  |  4

LMBO. 75 is a win!!!!

OP sorry. it is nice to hear when somebody loves you. but sometimes if you say it to soon it may scare the person off. maybe the ex was just an excuse.

  imaginaryvoice  |  18

Lol her comment didn't ruin any of my fun. But alright, sure. Stating that you don't believe the OP's post is completely wrong and nobody should ever do it ever. That's your lesson for today, kids.

  alienc  |  0

Sounds like she never got over her ex. Your strong emotions just triggered something she was trying to hold back and repress that she forgot/lost it. Bad luck OP, well atleast you got your feelings out, better than a what-if situation I guess.