By randa / Tuesday 19 April 2011 06:38 /
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  WishResign  |  0

59 No, that is not the point of the fml... also do you even know what 'smartass' means? It doesn't mean they're literally smart. I'm sorry but you're not too bright.

  MissBunny25  |  0

no, that kid deserves to be slapped in the face for what he said. There's nothing worse than a disrespectful smartass. If OP let's their kid continue with that behavior they'll grow up to be like boners... oh, the horror :O

  mattmadden  |  0

Hey 132, there's this cool thing called child protective services! When you slap your little smart ass he tells an adult (being the prick he is) and you either lose custody of him, or get arrested! How wonderful! :/

  MissBunny25  |  0

calm down, bitches. ever heard of joking? hmm... seems as though y'all haven't. any post I mention boners in is far from serious or relevant to life. just an FYI.

  Molkerei  |  0

I agree with 244. 132 is a genius if you slap him he will be taken away and someone else will have to deal with the smartass. but yea I don't believe in hitting kids but I bet you the mothers response was nothing close to a punishment. I'm going to give the parents a tip nearly every kid has either a computer, xbox, phone or all 3 of them... take them away if they continue to be completely rude because of it smash one to pieces in front of them.

  igpyitl  |  0

well someone needs to do something about that kid. he's obviously out of control if he disrespects his parents like that. he needs to be sent to boot camp or something if not slapped because all of the sudden DCF is going to come in and "save" him from abusive parents for slapping him once. my friend was sexually abused by er mother's boyfriends and her own dad for years and when that girl went to DCF they sent her home so I vote that a slap here or there would kick this kid into shape

By  Urklee  |  0

Wow if I said that to my mum she would beat my ass 'till it was black and blue... So I say beat the little shit and ground him for a while.... Get a backbone woman :)

  witchdoctor1  |  9

parent discipline....disappearing nowadays.... I remember back when ya lipped off like that n ya got a belt or my mas case from my grandfather the paddle... parents nowadays..just dont got it anymore

By  klutzyduck1  |  24

What a little jerk---he should learn some respect, true or not. Time to teach him parameters. My mom is a little overweight, but even when I was a smartass teenager I would never say something like that. I just try to encourage her.

  missnoel  |  0

Something tells me, from the FML, that it's already too late. If the kid can spout off at the mouth already, odds are his parents haven't done fuck all to discipline him thus far.

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