By busted - 22/09/2012 21:45 - United Kingdom

Today, I told my parents that I have a boyfriend. I was answering their questions about him, when my dad cut me off mid-sentence. He accused me of lying through my teeth, and said I'd based him off a character from a Harrison Ford movie. FML
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I see no proof that you didn't. But then again, who doesn't like Han Solo?


From her name, I'm guessing yes....

Is he chewbacca?

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Was it based off of the fugitive?

That means that he'll got blamed for her death and I don't think she'd want that

#30- if OP was referencing her boyfriend from The Fugitive, which is a Harrison Ford movie, then the boyfriend would be blamed for OP's death. To which 28 is right, OP wouldn't want that.

25 & 43: Guys, they aren't getting it. Sometimes I think we're too old for this place.

Since her username is "busted", I guess she did.

He must be too good to be true :)

I see no proof that you didn't. But then again, who doesn't like Han Solo?

Yep. Scruffy looking nerf herders get all the chicks. As I always say FBHN

Nothin better than a blaster at your side

The proof is in the username as stated by a reply to comment 1

Or Indiana jones

48: Or Indiana Jones indeed!

36- OP probably put that name out of sarcasm.

I dunno, the president in Air Force one was a badass

60- Ahhh, yes. "GET OFF MY PLANE!"

Haha, at least your boyfriend is interesting enough to qualify as a Harrison Ford character.

Which could be a good thing or a VERY bad thing.

How could anything with Harrison Ford be bad?

31- You've obviously never seen Mosquito Coast.

Oh... Yeah that. Never mind?

Take a look at OP's name. Apparently, her dad was right

I didn't even look at OP's name. This changes my perspective on everything, OP is psycho.

44 - Oh god, I didn't notice the name... Well, this changes things.

Was it Short Round?

Docta Jones!

No it was chewbacca

You had to have been lying. No one is as awesome as Harrison Ford.

Morgan Freeman

Liam Neeson? Clint Eastwood? CHUCK FREAKING NORRIS?? Come ON!

But Harrison Ford is an asshole

Your boyfriend must be pretty badass then.

I think OP's username says it all

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who noticed that

He figured you out around the time your boyfriend escaped from the Temple of Doom?

Or when she said he'll be picking her up in his Millennium Falcon tonight.

"He would have been here to meet you, but his plane was hijacked by terrorists. Also, he's the president."

Well, if you made up a boyfriend based off of Harrison least you've got good taste, right?

Like Yoda looks your boyfriend?

Like yoda your boyfriend looks

Damn, if my D&D guild hears this, they're going to revoke my nerd card.