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  luther48  |  20

No kidding. I was married a year and a half, working full time as an engineer and had our first kid at 22. 31 is perfectly acceptable! Nothing completes your life like kids

  JMichael  |  25

I honestly see no reason why they'd get upset. You're more than old enough to make your own decisions in life. Maybe they didn't expect you to have any..

  kirasant  |  19

#4 has a point, up to a point. While its understandable that parents would be a little upset at hearing their baby is no longer a baby, yelling at your grown, married, pregnant daughter to the point where she starts crying isn't understandable. At all.

You can have "Oh no! My baby is all grown up!" thoughts going on, but to vomit that much anger at someone who did nothing wrong isn't okay. I hope OP gets a hell of an apology for this.

  Kiernan151  |  25

I don't know about that 47
, If i was a parent and my daughter got pregnant by a, lets just say, methhead, then I wouldn't be the happiest person. Now what OP's parents did was way out of line and shouldn't have happened, but they should be able to talk to their daughter about concerns/feelings

By  batmanfredi  |  13

You're 31 but you still can't use proper grammar?
If you told your parents TODAY "I was" isn't what you should use. "Today I told my parents I AM pregnant."
See the difference? Using "I was" makes it sound like you've had an abortion. Poor thing, it's sad that I'm fifteen and I know simple grammar rules but you're 31 and still don't. It scares me that you people are the ones running our country.

  heirofhope  |  38

Take a chill, I know plenty of people from all ages that make that mistake. You're THAT fucking pretentious? I'm scared that YOU will be the one that's running our country. Please, go punch a wall to blow off that steam.

  nonsensical  |  26

Using "was" in this case isn't wrong and your comment makes you sound extremely ignorant. So much for being 15, huh? Look up "reported speech" in your textbook.

By  Justwannasayhi  |  3

Congrats. My parents went ballistic when they found out my sister, 24 at the time, married & had good job was pregnant. I think they didn't realise that mummy's little girl wasn't so little anymore. Things turned around really quickly when the baby was born. She's still the favourite grandchild to this day.