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  FML858  |  0

k when yu get older you're going to regret saying that. Watch when yu get older yu'll be thinking " I shoulda listened to her." when yu get older you're gonna wanna be with her (NOT in that way /: ) so yur a douchebag , goodbye.

  TheFection  |  0

haha this weirdo guy that likes me (he's two years older) used to like this other girl I know. he told everyone EXCEPT her including his parents and her best friend they were going out. NOBODY likes this kid and he never even asked her out. that's one reason for justification.

  SofaKingFast  |  0

sometimes there will Be a special code In the texT that Can be read when you combine the capital letters to form a word. but perHaps the writer was just trying to be my code?