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Today, I told my mom I was going hiking with a couple of friends and wouldn't be back for 4 or more hours. Not even 2 hours later, she called the cops and reported us as missing. She didn't realize that we wouldn't have service up the canyon so we could call her back. FML
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She isnt overprotective she just didnt listen resulting in her stupidity

Overprotective parents are pretty bad, but at least she cares.


Overprotective parents are pretty bad, but at least she cares.

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I think the whole "at least she cares" statement after it's claimed that the parent is overprotective is stupid. It's like when people try to excuse mental/verbal/emotional abuse with "but look how much they do for/give to you!!" just because the damage done can't be clearly seen. There's a reason it's called OVERprotective- it can (and has) ruined a child's life in most cases. /rant over

Honestly in this case I do not see it as abusive. Her kid was gone on a dangerous trip for "too long" and she got worried. I think it's sweet.

OP told their mother that they would be gone longer, if she was so worried about the 'dangerous trip' then why didn't she remember that? It seems more like she didn't listen fully or didn't think it was too dangerous until after OP left. And I have to agree being overprotective can really mess with a kid. Usually as soon as they get a little bit of freedom they go crazy because of it and become huge partiers and sleep around because of what they never had the chance before.

#50 if contact had been lost for 10 hours or more, then I'd definitely understand the worry. but 2 hours? ... does she also call the cops every time his battery dies? lol

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#50- I didn't say that this situation is abusive, I said it's similar to a situation of excusing non-physical abuse by parents. OP's mom was completely stupid and overprotective in this situation. They went HIKING. It's not uncommon to not have reception when hiking. Besides, she didn't even wait for the 4 hours they were gone- and it still would've been stupid of her to freak out right at the four-hour mark.

It's not caring, it's abuse. Like the parent that calls you up and threatens to call the cops when you won't come home that instant. When you are 35 and visiting for Christmas holidays, and getting coffee with a friend late.

At least she is concerned about you!

She isnt overprotective she just didnt listen resulting in her stupidity

She was just looking out for you OP. Paranoia gets the best of us, at least she cares :)

She could've waited after the 4 hours instead of 2.

OP just said se didn't realize. So it makes sense of her worrying if she didn't know

No, OP told his/her mother about being gone for 4 or more hours, the mother panicked when she couldn't call him/her because she didn't realise that there would be no reception there. So she still should have waited the 4 hours before reporting him/her missing.

I was told that a person couldn't be reported as missing until it's been 24 hours. Am I wrong?

I think it's 48 hours.

If the person is a minor the 48 hours doesn't apply. We don't know OPs age, but I'm guessing they're under 18

Untrue. You can report them missing at any stage. It is possible however the police might not immediately take the report seriously.

It depends on the case. Say a young child or elderly person with Alzheimers went missing, the police should investigate no matter how long they've been missing.... Say if a 30 year old husband went out on the piss with his mates, they's go by the 24-48 hour rule

#43 no the police told my family they couldn't do anything for 48 hours when my 16 year old sister went missing

Shoulda brought the flares ;)

Better overprotective than not caring at all where you are

At least she cares op!

Can you even report somebody missing that soon? Is there a special rule for hikers? I assume you found out when you got back.

I was pretty sure you had to wait 24 hours before you could report anyone as missing

Yeah, but I've never had to report anybody missing, so I just assumed that was a TV thing to make things more dramatic or some shit.

I think it would depend on whether OP is a minor or not.

No set rule on that, it varies per county/town usually. Some will let you if they are not busy, others make you wait. Minors, mentally unfit or medically unfit are able to be reported prior to 24 hours almost everywhere though.

I know emergency services here tend to wait until your return time has expired before considering starting a search unless there is serious wether or other event that would make them act earlier.

Geez, talk about helicopter parents.

Good one, sir! A nice, subtle pun that doesn't contain "well that's" and "a shitty" and "situation". Keep it up, sir!

I think the trend of people pointing out puns that are or are not good is worse than some of the puns. Thumbs up or down works just as good...

Is really a trend though? Not really a trend, is it?

That's not a pun, helicopter parent is a legitimate term. I don't know how what they said is a pun.

#59 it's a pun because if OP was truly lost, they may send a helicopter to find them.