By unwanted - Canada
Today, I told my mom about how my friend is going to China for a year instead of college. My mom suggested that I could do the same. When I told her that a trip to China is probably more expensive than my college tuition, my mom replied, "Not for a one way ticket". FML
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  Dahlia_F  |  0

even if it wasn't a joke, why would she pay for you to go to china round trip? she would be expecting you to work and buy a ticket home. duh. i agree with #25 YDI for being an uptight and whiny person.

  slasher29  |  0

#2 or fml for having a bad mom (though she may have been joking)

anyway, why would you go to china? that's were all the pollution and smog are and lead-based toys are made. japan makes all our cameras and cars and phones. they are so much cooler

  flopears115  |  0

yeah i agree. i was reading through the comments and i was like " was a joke..."
no parent would seriously say that....hahaaa
but i agree, i love your mom's sense of humor, it reminds me of my best friend's mom!

By  iloveespresso  |  0

it depends on how she was saying it.
but you could get a one way ticket there
and when youre there and ready to go back, you can buy another one way like once u had a job in china.

By  ehmagawd  |  0

lol I was going on a one month trip to France and my dad kept begging me to stay longer. He was just joking though, don't worry I'm sure your mom is joking too :)

By  jadiyy  |  3

HAHAHAHAHAHAH this is funny. I'm sure she loves you. She'll call! ..maybe. JK. OMFG i have no idea what I'm saying. Suggest you go to France! That's way cooler.