By lacy - 01/03/2014 08:23 - United States - Louisville

Today, I told my husband to give our dog a bath while I was at work. When I returned home, I found my dog, along with my husband, in the bath together. FML
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That's actually really cute aw

I get into the bathtub sometimes when bathing my dogs because it's easier to calm them down and keep them in the tub that way.


That's actually really cute aw

Exactly. I thought it was pretty sweet :3

He knows The Flees Can go everywhere right?°•°

You know only the first word in a sentence is capitalised, right? Oh, and fleas*.

The Flees Can is a traveling band, not to be confused with fleas who are able bodied.

You know not every dog has fleas, right? I treat my dog and cats every month, and they are 100% free of fleas.

Lol, why is that such a bad thing? As long as they're both clean, right? I used to have a dog who would like to come in the shower with me.

Exactly maybe it was the only way for the dog to get comfortable talking a bath

My cat loved to come in the bathtub with me while I was taking a shower too. He was the best cat we ever had. Some animals prefer for humans to lead by example. They can feel safer doing it, because they see us doing it, and living... Not saying that humans don't do stupid, crazy, dangerous stuff too...

Yeah this is one of the only times I've read an FML and questioned why it was even an FML. I mean unless the husband AND the dog come out dirty and with fleas, then I'm not really seeing the problem.

As long as your husband doesn't smell like dog it's fine!

Don't you mean smell like wet dog?

#66, Who cares whether or not the man smells like a wet or dry dog? Nobody.

Is it okay if the dog smells like human?

\ 28

"Don't touch me! You smell like human"

And the problem was...?

Maybe her husband had a hard-on…

should've taken a picture of them; so cute!

This is a big deal why exactly?

I get into the bathtub sometimes when bathing my dogs because it's easier to calm them down and keep them in the tub that way.

I agree, I do the same thing.

id like to get in The tub with you....

97, kindly do the rest of the FML community the courtesy of leaving.

I regularly let Havoc in while I'm showing. He sits at the end of the tub and bites at the water stream. Then I shampoo him while I let conditioner sit in my hair. It's the cleanest, easiest way to bathe him.

Solidarity is important in these situations.

Aww, that's too cute! The dog won't have a problem with bath time now.

hey the dog is clean right?