By Anonymous - 08/09/2012 14:20 - United States - Rhodes

Today, I told my husband that I'm tired of feeling like his "blow-up doll". His response was to honk my boob and make squeaking noises. FML
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Return the favor grab his junk and make squeaking noises.

You should have farted after he honked your boob and said, "Oops, faulty valve."


I'd suggest relationship counselling. It seems quite an insensitive response to an issue like that. Maybe that's just me over reacting, but I feel respect is important in any relationship. This guy seems like a douche, FYL OP.

Neeh - it's normal with us doing jokes in serious situations. Be happy he didn't make a scene or start crying perhaps :)))

9- I thought you were talking to #1 at first and I was like "You sure are over reacting!" and then I read the last sentence :L

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41- It's called "respect." If there isn't any of it left then we really should be asking what our world has come to.

Lawls79 - No. You don't just do that. It isn't a joke, and it shows a complete lack of respect. I joke around with my wife all the time, but I'm NEVER disrespectful. If she voices a concern, we talk about it. I don't cop a cheap feel like an asshole.

55, I agree but everyone does it so I suggest you just let them do as they wish. It's not as if FML's modern day commenter pays any attention to the consensus anyway. Besides the awesome minority!

20- It's the solution to every minor problem! :L

Don't worry he'll get what you mean soon.

You have to cut him off

Return the favor grab his junk and make squeaking noises.

Sounds like you've done this before...

Why are people on this site full of revengeful ideas?

You meant "grab his junk until HE makes squeaking noises," didn't you?

He'd probably enjoy it

Your picture is perfect for your comment. =]

Now you're a rubber wifie.

It seems like it blew up doll in OPs face. I bet she's inflated this whole situation by saying such things to her husband

I agree, this is all so overblown.

What a manatee. I'm not good at puns.

Maybe try to explain your expectations bit closer.. We can't figure out what's in women's head sometimes..

Well it seems pretty obvious to me what she meant...

Sometimes? What an understatement!

So that's a perfect excuse to goof around? If he isn't sure what she means, he can ASK!!

Good on you for being patient with him and trying to talk to him. Communication is probably the the most important thing in a relationship and he needs to respect what you have to say.

Sounds like your husband is full of air

Well, what are you complaining about, honking your boob sounds like foreplay to me. You really think he wastes that much time getting his blow up doll into the mood?

Sounds like you need to move around a little more during your naked fun time sessions then, if you feel like a doll. Get more proactive and do some riding rather than laying back and being stuffed.

Honk your boob. Classic. At least he pays attention to you.