By Neglected - United States - Wimberley
  Today, I told my husband it would be great to spend an evening with a bottle of wine and a pile of blankets on the balcony of our cabin during the cruise. He decided it would be great to ditch me and go out gambling. FML
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  cockymofo  |  10

I don't blame the husband. He can have sex at home. They paid a bunch of money to go on a cruise, they should enjoy it. I would have suggested gambling all night and doing her suggestion watching the sunrise afterwards

  trsshup  |  4

It is a cruise for two. Its called compromise. Both of you should be able to find fun things to do. Simply let him know how important blanket time with a bottle of wine is to you.

  SThompson90  |  7

#17, A little heads up for married life, you will find yourself passing up sex a lot just to get one damn hour to yourself to do whatever the hell you want to do


Dumbass, There is nothing wrong when a woman turns down sex and they do all the time but nobody says anything. Right when a man does, hes a horrible person. ifferent people have different sexual preferences, bud. Maby you are horny 24/7 but not everyone is.

  Keriu  |  9

There was a picture on a funny pics app I frequent that put it well; 'you should desire me at all times but only act on it when I'm in the mood' (she says as she lies on the couch getting a massage)

Though I can see why this would bother the OP - personally it is hard to say without knowing how they treat each other and how their relationship is among other things, but I can easily see arguments for both sides as it stands :/

By  timss4  |  19

Idk... I wouldn't go on a cruise to go do nothing, it would've made sense to go gambling together then come back ending the night your way lol

  DocBastard  |  38

First of all, lumping all men together because of one man making one potentially stupid decision is neither fair nor right. That's a very immature attitude to have, and real men don't find immature women attractive.

Second, don't end a sentence with a preposition. Poor grammar isn't attractive either.