By Neglected - 11/12/2013 19:06 - United States - Wimberley

Today, I told my husband it would be great to spend an evening with a bottle of wine and a pile of blankets on the balcony of our cabin during the cruise. He decided it would be great to ditch me and go out gambling. FML
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Your husband sounds like a jerk

Ooh, someone's gonna be in trouble. Hit him over the head with the wine bottle.


Your husband sounds like a jerk

You really need to talk to him OP if he passes up sex for gambling then he has a problem :/

I don't blame the husband. He can have sex at home. They paid a bunch of money to go on a cruise, they should enjoy it. I would have suggested gambling all night and doing her suggestion watching the sunrise afterwards

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#1--maybe he wasn't a jerk about it. OP didn't say he refuted her suggestion with a "Fuck that, bitch--I'm gonna get me some casino money!"

It is a cruise for two. Its called compromise. Both of you should be able to find fun things to do. Simply let him know how important blanket time with a bottle of wine is to you.

#17, A little heads up for married life, you will find yourself passing up sex a lot just to get one damn hour to yourself to do whatever the hell you want to do

Dumbass, There is nothing wrong when a woman turns down sex and they do all the time but nobody says anything. Right when a man does, hes a horrible person. ifferent people have different sexual preferences, bud. Maby you are horny 24/7 but not everyone is.

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There was a picture on a funny pics app I frequent that put it well; 'you should desire me at all times but only act on it when I'm in the mood' (she says as she lies on the couch getting a massage) Though I can see why this would bother the OP - personally it is hard to say without knowing how they treat each other and how their relationship is among other things, but I can easily see arguments for both sides as it stands :/

Ooh, someone's gonna be in trouble. Hit him over the head with the wine bottle.

I don't think he's worth being put in jail for assault.

Okay... Make him sleep on the floor on the blankets? I'm running out of ideas here!

Crusin' for a bruisin'?

That'd be a waste of the wine! I say lock him out and drink the bottle by yourself!

You can always knock him out the other way using the bottle.

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She can always do that at home

DavidKnows 11

You seemed pretty quick to suggest violently crushing his skull w the wine bottle though.

Cause violence isn't always THE answer but it is always AN answer

84's Words Of Wisdom

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#42, and she's hurtin' for a squirtin'...

Well you didn't specify that you wanted to spend the night WITH him.

deathstroke990 22

they're on a cruise together, I think its implied that she wants yo spend it with him..

It was sarcasm, genius.

Damn 31, who shit in your corn flakes?

deathstroke990 22

Someones PMSing....

Rainhawk94 27

I think that you miss, fail at sarcasm. That's it bye

That's what I was going to say! Dam people and down voting you ...lame!

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Money well spent? I think not.

How rude!

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Did he win anything? If so, you can get a better bottle of wine.

But let's be honest, if he wins big, will you really be upset

Technically you didn't plan anything.

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Idk... I wouldn't go on a cruise to go do nothing, it would've made sense to go gambling together then come back ending the night your way lol

once they win you, its all downhill from there. where are the REAL MEN at?

First of all, lumping all men together because of one man making one potentially stupid decision is neither fair nor right. That's a very immature attitude to have, and real men don't find immature women attractive. Second, don't end a sentence with a preposition. Poor grammar isn't attractive either.