By Anonymous / Monday 26 May 2014 15:53 / United States - San Francisco
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By  Alikia96  |  20

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  NiceGuysDoWin  |  21

Love is by no means a requirement for good sex or good BDSM. Trust is essential, but love is not. Now for my own personal opinion, I prefer to have an emotional connection, but I know many people who prefer their BDSM to be separated from romantic emotions.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Depending what you're into, it can be far easier and more enjoyable without a deep emotional connection getting between the participants and the things they take pleasure from.

  LitaSixx  |  7

What's "messed up" is being judgmental about something you obviously don't understand. Everyone likes something different, that's why there's so many flavors of ice cream. What's right for you isn't necessarily right for someone else, and vice versa. Some of us just don't want to deal with all the BS that goes along with a relationshit.

  LitaSixx  |  7

Again with the judging!
There are-gasp!- people who would rather focus on their own lives, or don't have time or any number of reasons that don't involve past relationships.
There are some women who just prefer to be single or have an arrangement. There's nothing wrong with it, its an adult decision.
But saying that a woman "needs" a relationship makes you sound rather ignorant. We spent many years breaking down walls and fighting for equal rights and proving that we can make our own decisions, for what? So some judgy kid on a message board can cry about how we need companionship? Sorry, I don't buy it.

  lalaney  |  14

I'm willing to bet you're mistaken in your entire sex life just because you say things like "women tend to fall for whoever they have sex with". You're clearly very inexperienced and ignorant.


Yea ever heard of the term aromantic or asexual? Cause guess what some people dont feel romantic connections or sexual connections so thus there is a world of different types of relationships to fufill everyones needs


And another thing alot of people who first have sex, usually in a loving relationship before sex it's not that you go to a bar fuck a girl and now you have a loving wife idk what goes on in your world but usually when it comes to sex girls and guys who are just plain fucking have established the This-is-no-strings-attached rule

  whys0serious  |  12

WTF is wrong with you all? She's not judging, it's just her opinion. And she has the right to have an opinion that is not the same as yours. If anybody is judging than it's you guys.
My own opinion is that pretty much everybody likes different things. Some need love, some don't. Some love or even marry things. There are some really f....d up people out there. So no idea about them. I personally had both, and agree with her - while the sex relationships where pretty great, nothing beats having sex (sm or 'regular', whatever that is :D) with my wife. Loving her just makes it far more intense to take her. Just my opinion.

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