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Today, I told my girlfriend I've been a vegetarian for 6 years. Hearing this, my mom said, "No, you're not. I fry your mushrooms and onions in bacon grease." With this new information, I've been a vegetarian for about 76 hours. FML
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You didn't notice your food tasted like bacon for 6 years?

It's ok. My mom used to fry my stuff in vegetable oil to make me a vegetarian.


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You have to start somewhere!

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I never knew bacon could cause harm... :(

It's ok. My mom used to fry my stuff in vegetable oil to make me a vegetarian.

It's the thought that counts.

Save a cow. Eat a vegetarian.

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I found the vegan.

Cows are vegetarians so you don't have to be. And as a Texan i strongly support PETA (people eating tasty animals).

I just got it. Derp.

IMO, that's so disrespectful. My parents used to try to convince me to not to be a vegetarian all the time and would lie to me about what was in my food when I was a vegetarian for seven years. Your mom should respect your choices instead of just disregarding them like that. FYL for having her do that shit to you.

thejimler 9

This is because parents know more about nutrition than a 12 year old brat who got scared vegan by a propaganda 'shock doc' by Peta. My sister went through the same phase and bitched that we should follow her lead, until she fainted from iron deficiency.

148: someone choosing to be a vegetarian is a completely personal decision that, frankly, is none of anyone's damn business. my personal opinion is that it's perfectly fine to consume meat, so long as it was treated humanely while alive. however, others disagree. they don't push their views on me, i don't push mine on theirs. that doesn't mean they've given into propaganda or anything. hell, i have vegetarian friends who just don't really like the taste of meat.

fed_up_thespian 9

When someone else is paying for/cooking all of your food, (apparently with no help from op because the bacon grease went unnoticed), vegetarianism/veganism is NOT a personal choice. In that situation it.becomes a demand, coupled with an asinine sense of entitlement.

EnvyMe33 26

I too am a Texan and I approve this

You didn't notice your food tasted like bacon for 6 years?

If you're a vegetarian, don't trust anyone else with your food. Just don't.

"Oh, it's easy to be a vegeterian. This food tastes great. (Kind of like...bacon!) Mmm.."

3-Well he was a "vegetarian" for 6 years, so it's safe to say that OP doesn't remember the taste of bacon thus not worrying about mom's cooking.

One does not simply forget the taste of bacon.

Trust me I've been vegetarian/ almost vegan for almost a year and I could smell if things had meat in's not that hard once your body hasn't had it in a bit. The only think im thinking is she has made it that way since before he was vegetarian?

I'm sorry veggie tale! I'm sure you'll enjoy being a bunny rabbit again soon :D

I'm guessing he never liked nor remembered the taste of bacon

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To a vegetarian, bacon is evil

No, to a vegetarian scrapple is evil.... "What's in it?" "Everything but the oink my dear friend...."

Maybe not evil, just everything about it to me is disgusting.

mangoboy1 19

What you don't know can't hurt you but in this case I guess you know.

NotGabe 28

Owch... Sorry to hear.

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I'm sorry #15 but can you explain "Quite high" on the food chain as opposed to on top? I didn't realise we humans had some sort of predator I haven't been watching out for!

Sharks, bears, dinosaurs.

Tigers, lions, wolves, sharks. The only things that keep us on the top of the food chain are guns. Without those you're just meat in a wrapper, waiting to be munched.

Actually it's our intellect that separates us from the wolves , not guns.. I could come up with a 1000 ways to trap or snare a wolf or bear.. Lol that rhymedxD

#38 I'd like to see you win a fight against a bear or a wolf...

41 - It wouldn't be that difficult. You'd just have to use tools. You know, that ability we got from evolving higher brain functions? The thing that put us on top of the food chain in the first place?

46 - that's my point. we wouldn't be on top of the food chain without weapons and tools.

If you run across a lion, a tiger, or a bear, s/he will happily eat you. So will some species of sharks. So will alligators and crocodiles. So, no, we technically aren't at the top of the food chain. OP, how did you not notice that your mom has been cooking your food in bacon grease for six years? And you didn't tell your mom that 1) you decided to go vegetarian and 2) this means not cooking food in bacon grease or meat stock?

Yeah, humans are such good predators walking toward the meat aisle at a top speed of 3 mph to buy prepacked meat that they have to cook so they don't get ill.

74, I know that was meant to be sarcastic, but think about what you just said; Basically, humans are so high up the food chain that we don't even hunt our prey anymore. We raise them, and their entire life is spent in preparation of our inevitable consumption of them. I say that's pretty badass. They lost the hunt as soon as they were born. To everyone else, where humans are on the food chain is pretty debatable. Ability to kill something doesn't necessarily mean we're above it on the food chain. We have to actually, you know, EAT it. So in that way pretty much every person is on a different level or region of the food chain, especially when it comes to vegetarians.

63 - I could make the same argument about wolves hunting in packs or a lion using its claws.

Well that's pretty inconsiderate of her, taking into account the fact that she knows you're a vegetarian. Shouldn't you pay more attention to what you're eating though?

Not necessarily, OP never specified wether or not he told his mother that he was a vegetarian. If not, it really is a YDI, and OP would be the inconsiderate one for expecting people to prepare his food all-veggie style without them even knowin that he prefers it that way.

If his mother has been making his meals for at least the last six years, it's pretty safe to assume she knew he was a vegetarian. I can't even see how you would arrive at the conclusion that she wouldn't know. It's fucking unreal that she would deliberately and underhandedly cook his food in a way that had he known, he wouldn't have condoned.

The way that she came right out and said she had been cooking in bacon grease gave me the feeling that this was new news for the mom.

teh_doctor 4

Being a vegetarian isn't exactly something you can keep a secret, especially if the mother was preparing his food for him. Like, he can't just say, "Hey, mom. Today I just feel like having some vegetables and soy for dinner; maybe tomorrow I'll have a steak," every single day for six years.

I imagine OP lives away from his mom at this point in his life. If this is the case, she would hardly ever cook for him. And the mushrooms and onions is an oddly specific dish for her to mention. I imagine that was just the dish she prepared when her son visited.

teh_doctor 4

But the present tense of the word "fry" implies this is an ongoing, current action.

That's a good point. You fried me on that one!