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  leogachi  |  15

@3 He's probably just an asshole who wanted to subtly insult Op's career choice.

  Ashd09  |  30

agreed #30. My literature teacher actually just finished teaching us about how the government controls the weather through chemicals sprayed into our atmosphere (chemtrails) and geoengineering. Us students had to write an essay saying whether or not we agree with her, citing evidence to prove or disprove her theory. Anyone that a wrote saying that they disagreed was marked down as she said that our "evidence isn't plausible". Conspiracy theorists are impossible to argue with

  Suaria  |  37

It's because of cognitive dissonance. People will believe one thing but if there is proof against what they say, they won't believe it because it means they admit to being wrong. People don't like to admit they are wrong.

By  jeffprobs  |  20

Some people are just paranoid, the more facts you feed them the better the paranoia. Just accept your an alien cooperation bent on ruling earth and be done with it.