By Thanksiguess - 19/02/2018 15:00

Today, I told my dad that I'm pregnant. He shook his head and said, sadly, "What a waste. You're way too young to throw your life away like this." Silly me; I was worried that at 46 I might be too old for this. FML
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Lobby_Bee 17

Now you know what he felt when he had you.

Your dad is an idiot


Your dad is an idiot

Makes you wonder what he thought about getting op...

Is he demented or just vain? When you become a grandpa, you’re officially old!

So...he told his own daughter that having a child was throwing your life away? Wow.

Well it is. But for many people it's a good thing.

ari330 21

no it's not dumbass, you don't throw your life away. You are bringing in another life and just starting a new journey

Lobby_Bee 17

Now you know what he felt when he had you.

How old were your parents when you were born if 46 is too young to be having a kid?

poor daddy - he had been waiting so much long that he's become crazy 😂

Sounds like something my dad would say as a joke.

Wow... well... there might be an issue with your father’s mind

Wow! That's amazing! The average woman usually goes through menopause during their mid to late 40s so I'm really surprised that you were able to conceive at that age. Your dad obviously isn't very bright, you may have to go through basic biology with him. If he's not willing to support you, I'd suggest that you just focus on you and your baby, I'm sure that you're more than capable.